Mysterious blue lights appear in United Kingdom sky

A series of unexplained bright blue lights have appeared in various parts of the night sky of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, in the United Kingdom. The mysterious event was seen by many residents who were totally surprised at the strange appearance.(blue lights appear in United Kingdom sky)

On April 4 (2018), late in the evening, many residents began to post on social networks images of the appearance in the sky, expressing surprise and fear, while reporting having witnessed an unusual light in the sky, similar to « a pair of eyes ».(blue lights appear in United Kingdom sky)

A witness named James Lidington, who saw the strange phenomenon since Princes Risborough , told the media:

I saw them for the first time at approximately 11 PM, and lasted about 2 minutes before dispersing. The lights were very large and shaped like a pair of eyes looking at you. They moved through the sky, and then we lost sight of it. It was very strange to see, I had never seen anything like it before. ”

The blue lights were seen throughout the county and by many people. In addition, many witnesses were also able to photograph them from Bicester in Oxfordshire.(blue lights appear in United Kingdom sky)

The unusual UFO lights were discovered in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire blue lights appear in United Kingdom sky

The unusual UFO lights were discovered in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Credit: gcasson / James Lidington / Twitter

Lidington added:

It looked like a bright light, but it got brighter and moved across the sky, right over us before it disappeared from view. You can read and hear stories about people who believe they are caused by aliens. This was very similar to those stories, making us think that they are extraterrestrials or some nocturnal creature looking at us. ”

Another witness, called Gail Victoria Casson also posted on Twitter images of the strange phenomenon.

This event is not an isolated event. During the last months many sightings have been presented in the skies

In November, many residents of the Russian city of Yekaterinburg were perplexed to say that they had seen an extraterrestrial spacecraft(blue lights appear in United Kingdom sky)

Last month an intense light and explosion shook several homes in California, generating surprise and terror in the residents.(blue lights appear in United Kingdom sky)

In the month of March, too, a mysterious luminous cloud appeared over California and Mexico.

These phenomena cause people to question themselves about what is happening. Some take it as signs of the end of time, for others they are simple natural phenomena. However, these phenomena are being presented more continuously and in different parts of the world.


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