Mysterious Encounters with faceless humanoid creatures

Strange faceless humanoid creatures that are definitely not animals, balance on the verge of ufology and cryptozoology, although they could be demons or ghosts.
For some reason, they are most often seen on the roads.

Faceless Humanoid Creatures

Skeleton without a face

This story was told on July 15, 2016 by a Coast to Coast AM paranormal listener named Nate who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana and works as a truck driver. 
One evening, Nate was driving east on I-80 and what he saw next was something unbelievable.
He was awake and refreshed because he had just slept for 8 hours straight and was well rested so when he encountered a faceless humanoid could not have been a hallucination from fatigue.

“It was dusk, the sun was almost setting, when I saw a figure of a man not far ahead, who was standing right on the side of the road, at the white line. I slowed down because I was afraid that a person might start crossing the road in front of my truck.

Paranormal listener, Nate

When I got closer to him, I saw that he was definitely a man, of average height, no clothes, and very thin. Critically thin. When I drove past him, he raised his head and I saw his face, or rather NOT his face: he had no eyes, mouth, even nostrils. Not a single hole in the head. 


He was so pale and skinny that he looked like a living skeleton with discolored skin. He stood and looked right at me. From this terrible sight, I quit the idea of filling gas in my truck and did not slow down until I reached Chicago. My blood froze in my veins, my hair stood on end. I never looked back and this was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen in my life.

Faceless Humanoid Creatures

Woman in long coat

Another story about meeting a faceless person was published on researcher Lon Strickler’s website “Phantoms and Monsters” and came from an eyewitness who lives in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.

According to the person, who published the story stated that he and his friends were fond of driving in the late evenings on forest roads.
But one evening changed everything when they witnessed a faceless humanoid.

“Me and my friend was together and we were on the hills about 5 miles from the nearest residential building. We drove into a completely remote corner and suddenly saw an elderly woman walking along the side of a dirt road. She was wrapped in a long shawl or it was a coat with a hood

The man who encountered the woman in Long coat

We were both surprised by her and my friend asked me “Can we stop and give her a lift?” I nodded and he slowed down to ask the woman if she needed help or lost her way. But when we got very close to her, we saw her face, or rather the place where the face should have been. But there was nothing there. Just one big gray hole.

We were both speechless after what we saw and then we slowly drove away from there. I looked in the rearview mirror for a long time as we left the “woman”. It was 2 or 3 am and there was no reasonable explanation for what any elderly woman could do in the wilderness. And we both saw well that she had no face. 

The man who encountered the woman in Long coat

Faceless humanoid woman in a car

The next case was also published on the same website “Phantoms and Monsters” and came from a woman with whom a similar terrible meeting happened in the afternoon. 
She was going to pick her child from school, but since it was still early, she decided on the way to stop by a small “Historical Park”, where there was a mill of the 19th century and other interesting things.

When she pulled up in the park’s parking lot, there were only two other cars, a white BMW and an old golden Honda. 
Then she walked along the path of the park past a beautiful waterfall, and then went out to the mill and beyond. 
The scary Incident took pace when she went back to the parking lot to get in the car and pick her child.

“As soon as I left the parking lot, I felt a strong cadaveric smell, as if a decomposing body of a large animal was lying nearby. I have had many cases of encountering anomalous phenomena before, so I immediately realized that there was something unusual here.

I quickly got into the car and when I started to take a U-turn, in the rear-view mirror, I saw a golden Honda in the back seat of which was a woman without a face and with matted long brown hair. 

Instead of a face, she had a hole, and she herself was completely black. 
Her hair looked very matted and had small twigs tangled in it. 
The narrator of the story looked at her frightenedly, without taking her eyes off, and the faceless humanoid looked at her and followed her till the time she left the parking lot. 

Faceless humanoid squatting

 It happened in 2013 in a small town south of Dallas, Texas. 
At that time, an eyewitness was visiting his girlfriend’s house and at 11 pm he decided to go to the nearest diner for takeaway.
It was already very dark when he left the girl’s house and went to his car, which was parked by the side of the road under a lantern that was rare in these places. 
It was very quiet, but he didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary until he came close to his car.

“I came across a very strange and repulsive sight. It was a tall man in ordinary clothes who was squatting three meters from my car. At first I thought it was a homeless person or a victim of a robbery, but my sudden fear quickly turned into complete terror. I already realized that I was faced with something anomalous, unnatural.

I grew up in a big city and in my life I had a lot of clashes on the streets with various homeless people and drug addicts, so I was alarmingly waiting for a reaction from this person. After 10 seconds, without waiting, I quickly climbed into the car and locked the doors and when I began to turn around, my headlights fell on this person and I could see him better. At that moment, my brain froze.

I could clearly see that he was wearing dark trousers and a jacket with long sleeves and a tightly buttoned collar, but there was NOTHING on his face. No eyes, no mouth, only slight indentations and outlines where they should have been. And when he stood up, he seemed even taller than I thought. 

It was then that I looked down and saw it hovering about a foot (30 cm) above the asphalt. His faceless face was turned towards my car. The fear I was feeling at that moment made my face go numb and every alarm in my brain ordered me to leave. I turned around and drove out very quickly. ” 

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