A mysterious flying object in China causes panic, and it is not a rocket

Last Thursday, a mysterious light appeared on China causing the bewilderment among the inhabitants.(mysterious flying object in China)

mysterious flying object in China

The witnesses shared photos and videos of a mysterious unidentified flying object that seems to illuminate the night sky as if it were a torch over Beijing, Chongqing, Shanxi and Mongolia.(mysterious flying object in China)

Quickly, Chinese social networks were filled with videos and disconcerting images of the mysterious phenomenon, with users discussing their true origin. Some described the two minute phenomenon as very bright white rays in the form of a ‘big tail’ or ‘artificial light’ that emanates from the clouds and moves slowly through the sky.(mysterious flying object in China)

An editor of a military magazine with the user name “Weaponmagazine-Xiaoning” said the images could be a test of the top-secret hypersonic plane ‘DF-ZF’, previously known by the Pentagon as ‘WU-14’. However, the Chinese authorities have not offered an official version of the strange sighting.

The UFO expert, Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigation Manual, told MailOnline that the images appeared to show a rocket engine trace, similar to the phenomenon observed on December 22, 2017 in Los Angeles, when a mysterious Bright object was seen thousands of people flying, just the day when many people began their trip home to spend Christmas.(mysterious flying object in China)

In that case, the official version was that the mysterious object was part of a fleet of satellites of the SpaceX company of tech tycoon Elon Musk.


“In both cases, they are night shots where the exhaust gases of the rockets look very spectacular and can make people think that it is a UFO,” said Watson. “Fortunately, these are examples of spectacular out-of-this-world events produced in terrestrial form, not the work of the gray ones with big eyes of the UFO legend.”

But this explanation has not convinced everyone because as we have commented previously, the Chinese authorities have not offered an official version. Also, that the strange light does not look at all like the wake left by other rocket launches.

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Once again we are facing a strange phenomenon that baffles people and that they want to convince us that this is the launching of a rocket or something mundane. Ultimately, you decide.(mysterious flying object in China)

What is your opinion about this strange sighting? A rocket, a missile, a secret plane, or a UFO of extraterrestrial origin? Leave your comment below!

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