Are Ancient Aliens Really Human Time Time Travellers From Future?

The History Channel series, Ancient Alien has given various interesting theories about the advanced technologies that our ancestors used and made us think that from where our ancestors got the knowledge about these advanced technologies. These speculations made us believe that someone may have visited our ancestors imparting knowledge that led to technological advancement.

The concept of ancient aliens originally indicated the extraterrestrial intervention that occurred thousands of years ago and possibly a little genetic intervention as well.

The theory of ancient aliens proposes the fact that the advancement of our ancestors in the fields of astronomy, technology, and medicine would not be achieved on its own rather there would be an extraterrestrial entity far more intelligent than our ancestors who helped our ancestors to achieve such advancement.

Otherwise, how could we have built those Egyptian pyramids with so much precision and also built the massive stone statues on easter island? These structures looked like they were not made by humans and seemed to be built by some extraterrestrial beings. Even in today’s time, it is impossible to build such a structure with such precisions.

Do these mysterious theories depicts that our ancestors had good contact with aliens and left us clues in the form of architecture, art, and religious notes?

While other people debated that there is no evidence that our ancestors took help from any sort of enigmatic creature or aliens to build those structures and achieve such advancement. On the other hand, there are many who insists that the archeological evidence and historic text are enough to believe that our ancestors use to hang out with aliens and even were breeding with them or our D.N.A includes alien D.N.A traces.

The theories also stated that the aliens belonged to highly advanced civilizations and they visited us on earth to impart their knowledge.

This speculation includes location both within the earth and outside our known universe, where the laws of physics allow safer travel between worlds.

But what about time travel? If we accept the fact that the ancient astronaut theory was true, so does it complies that aliens visited humans to dare them about environmental exploitation? Or aliens were just humans of the future who time-traveled to the past?

The Roswell UFO Incident

In the desert near Rosewell, New Mexico a strange flying object crashed on a ranch. This incident took place during the summers of 1947 and created a hot topic among the residents. This news spread like fire in the jungle among the individuals but the authorities later covered it up by telling it as a weather balloon crash.

Roswell Ufo Crash Site

Tons of documentaries and articles were published on the Roswell incident. Many movies and short films were made on it. The Roswell incident is still debated across many T.V. shows.

Many questions were raised after the incident. Was it a real UFO crash? Were any alien bodies recovered from the site? Many experts and scientists believed that it was a real UFO crash. They also believed that the crashed UFO and alien bodies were sent to Area 51 in Nevada. Years later a T.V. show claimed that the autopsy of alien bodies was also done in area 51.

There is still no clarity about the Roswell UFO crash. The renowned U.S. Navy commander George W. Hoover stated that the aliens were nothing but the humans from the future who came back to mingle with us.

Reportedly, Hoover knew top secrets which he collected during his work as a naval intelligence officer. During the 1950s he also visited the UFO crash site as a part of the investigation team to collect debris and the alien body remains. Later before his death, Hoover told a few secrets to his close ones. The closed ones included his own son George Hoover Jr and ufologist and researcher William J. Birnes.

In many of his interviews, Hoover claimed that aliens are not extraterrestrial beings but technologically advanced humans who have enigmatic powers to modify reality and travel through the landscape of the time.

George Hoover’s theory and many other theories from ufologists and victims of alien abduction demonstrate that aliens are technically advanced and powerful humans. They have won over the problems of the speed of light and other laws that deny time travel in order to make time travel possible. Therefore according to them, aliens are nothing but just humans from the future.

Also, the humanoid body structure may indicate how the humans will look after a few thousands year.

Are aliens extraterrestrial creatures or just humans from the future? Please leave us a comment below.

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