Mysterious Green light was seen dashing through the Australian sky

The Mysterious green light scoured the sky for a generous time, allowing observers to capture the scene with their phones.

A greenish-blue bolide crossed the Australian skies in an event captured by stunned observers from the ground.

The object appeared shortly before 1:00 a.m. local time, according to witness reports from the Pilbara region of Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia, ABC News reports. 
The nature of the object has yet to be confirmed, but experts suspect it is a natural phenomenon.

The mysterious green light scoured the sky for a generous time, allowing observers to capture the scene with their phones.

 Several witnesses uploaded their videos to the Australian Meteor Reports Facebook page, including this incredible view of the fireball from Barrow Island.

Mysterious Green light

The bolide made the night sky glow in gloomy shades of blue and green. Speaking to ABC News, Glen Nagle, a scientist at the CSIRO-NASA tracking station in Canberra, said the color was likely due to the object’s abundant iron content, Gizmodo says.

Renae Sayers, a research ambassador at the Curtin University Space, Science and Technology Center, said it was probably a natural object because of the clean, well-marked line it left in the sky.

“What we tend to do with objects like space debris, or a satellite re-entering the atmosphere, is something like crackles and sparks,” Sayers told ABC News. “This is because there are things burning, chunks of metal in motion that are burning through our atmosphere.”

While spectacular and somewhat baffling, meteors or shooting stars, as they are often called, are a common occurrence.

 Around 500 meteorites reach the Earth’s surface each year, with countless meteors burning in the atmosphere before reaching the ground.

Objects the size of a soccer field hit Earth once every 2000 years, causing extensive local damage, while asteroids that pose an existential risk hit Earth every several million years, as the object that caused the extinction of all non-avian dinosaurs, according to NASA.

A similar event was observed in Spain in April, when space debris produced a particularly impressive fireball attributed to the third stage of a Russian rocket that caught fire on its reentry.

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