Anonymous reveals audio of former Area 51 employee revealing a possible alien invasion

The hacker group, Anonymous , leaked an alleged phone call from a former Area 51 worker talking about possible extraterrestrial attacks in coming days.

In the video you can hear a very nervous man talking about the subject, claiming ” that he has little time because they are going to locate the call .” Also, in this same audio, the alleged former airfield worker in Nevada would confirm what many long speculated: that there are aliens in Area 51.

What’s more, the unknown man assures that the United States Government knows of the existence of these ‘Extra-Dimensional’ beings, and of their plans to attack the planet in order to eliminate the great population centers of the world. 
On the other hand, the former employee of Area 51 also reveals that there are safe areas in Asia.

“Ok, what we believed to be aliens are Extra-Dimensional Beings. 
They are not what they claim to be. 

They have infiltrated aspects of military territory, particularly Area 51.

There are going to be disasters soon. The Government knows about them… ” , the man is heard saying in part of the audio.

The recording that has already been broadcast on social networks has been widely received by users, who in a matter of minutes made the publication go viral. 
Thus, amid the many protests in the United States. Opinions are very diverse on the subject.

 Some add that this audio already existed since 1997, but what Anonymous did was confirm it.

This is not the first time that the Anonymous group has targeted area 51, however that group has been accused of being hackers for cyber bullying and fraud.

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