Yanyarina Giant Aliens

Encounter With Giant Aliens On Yanyarina Island

Strange UFO cases often occur in coastal areas, with beaches being hotspots for bizarre encounters. One of the most extraordinary beach UFO sightings took place in the 1970s on Yanyarina Island in Peru. After over 40 years, ufologist Rafael Mercado uncovered this forgotten incident by interviewing the only two surviving witnesses.

The Yanyarina Giant Alien Encounter

The event occurred in the early hours of November 18, 1977, when four friends – miners Francisco Rodríguez, Ricardo Palomino, Benjamín Mardini, Mario Cueto, and his son – went fishing on the remote Yanyarina Beach in Arequipa, Peru. Around 1:30 AM, they spotted three metallic “saucer” objects in the sky, rotating with colorful lights, predominantly yellow and red.

images of the scene of the events. Images: Rafael Mercado / Archive

When Mario flashed a light at them, the objects stopped spinning but their surrounding lights continued rotating. Slowly, the three “saucers” descended and entered the ocean, with the group witnessing the entire scene under a clear sky.

Curiously, Francisco usually carried a camera but didn’t have it that night. Perplexed, Ricardo wondered aloud what they were seeing, and Mario unhesitatingly replied, “flying saucers.” Despite their surprise, they continued fishing normally. Around 5 AM, they moved locations and eventually fell asleep out of exhaustion. Benjamin then awoke to a bizarre sight onshore.

As Ricardo recalled to Mercado, Benjamin exclaimed, “What is that, Mario? Has the army come?” To their astonishment, a silvery, tank-like object had appeared 50-70 meters away, shimmering in the night with the sea’s reflection. Intrigued, Mario decided to investigate, despite Francisco’s warning: “It’s dangerous, he could be from another planet.”

Witness Ricardo Palomino.

As Mario approached the mysterious “vehicle,” the fishermen noticed three tall humanoid figures in the nearby sea. Ricardo Palomino, now 75, described them as “giant men.” Though appearing completely human, their considerable height set them apart. They wore shiny silver jumpsuits covering their entire bodies, along with boots and gloves. Ricardo recalled, “We couldn’t see their faces, everything was silver…they walked like robots.”

Peculiarly, their gestures suggested they were fishing in the area, raising their arms as if casting, despite holding no equipment. The witnesses even heard whistling sounds reminiscent of casting a line, though the humanoids had no fishing gear.

Unfazed by violent waves crashing against their chests, they remained motionless. When one stepped onto the wet sand, Ricardo noted it seemed to emit smoke from its feet, with Cueto’s son adding the sand “boiled” in “small eruptions.”

Along with the mysterious beings, the witnesses observed a kind of “tank” on the shore. Images: José Antonio Caravaca / archive

Despite his group’s surprise, the daring Mario Cueto continued toward the tank-like craft for a closer look. As Ricardo put it, his friend wasn’t easily intimidated. En route, one humanoid turned to Mario, shaking its head sideways as if warning him not to approach. Undeterred, Mario pressed on fearlessly.

Just meters away, he peered through a window to see a fourth humanoid inside, eating melon-colored “tortillas” from a table. As it discarded scraps near the window, Mario grabbed and ate a piece – immediately vomiting on the sand from violent nausea. Returning ill to his companions, something astonishing happened next.

In a bizarre twist, the entire group of fishermen suddenly fell into a deep, inexplicable slumber after Mario’s illness from eating the strange “tortilla.” As Ricardo Palomino recounted, they abruptly felt overwhelmingly tired and conked out. When they awoke, both the tank-like craft and humanoid figures had vanished completely.

The fishermen rushed to the shoreline during low tide to check for any traces, but found no footprints or evidence the giants or mysterious vehicle had been there. Inexplicably, all signs of their encounter had disappeared, leaving no trail.

Ricardo described the craft to ufologist Rafael Mercado as a silver, airtight “tank” around 2 meters high and 3-4 meters long – similar to military vehicles but seemingly without wheels. Bizarrely, after eating the melon-colored “tortilla,” Mario Cueto’s frequent stomach ulcer pains ceased within 5-6 months, with doctors unable to explain the sudden healing.

According to Ricardo, the Peruvian newspaper “Última Hora” had briefly reported other fishermen in Huacho encountering “silver giants” around that time. However, despite this potential corroboration, the Yanyarina Beach witnesses remained silent for decades, fearing ridicule over their unique experience.

The 1977 Yanyarina Beach UFO incident highlights how bizarre, physical trace-free encounters often occur in coastal areas, leaving witnesses grappling with inexplicable events and evidence that mysteriously vanishes.

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