NASA admits a UFO impacted a space probe

There have been many unexplained sightings in recent years. From UFOs, to beams of strange lights, to balls of fire illuminating our skies. However, more mysterious are the unidentified flying objects in outer space sighted by astronauts. These encounters were considered as evidence of extraterrestrial visits by ufologists. Although NASA has said by active or passive that after years of manned space travel, including space stations and landing on the moon, astronauts have not brought even a single test of the existence of extraterrestrial ships.(NASA admits UFO)

For their part, skeptics say that governments are hiding knowledge about their interactions with intelligent alien life, relying especially on the large number of images and videos that circulate on the Internet. But now NASA has admitted that one of its spacecraft was hit by a high-speed UFO.

Recognizing the Facts

In October 2014, the US spacecraft Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) was hit by a mysterious small object , but suffered no major damage. According to the British tabloid The Sun , the collision caused a strange failure in the LRO cameras, causing images to be produced showing “irregular” patterns .

Shortly after NASA published the picture, conspiracy theorists came to the conclusion that the US space agency was deliberately hiding evidence of extraterrestrial bases on the moon . However, NASA has its own theory about it, believes that the culprit of the collision may be “a small natural meteorite.”

“Something impacted the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) but survived to continue exploring the Moon,” said Mark Robinson, a professor at the Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration.

NASA admits UFO


Robinson suggested that a small meteorite hit the space probe , affecting its cameras that produced an image with irregular patterns of the lunar surface.

“The meteor was traveling much faster than a bullet ,” Robinson added. “In this case, the LRO did not dodge a bullet, but survived a bullet.”

NASA also revealed why it took so long to know the details of the collision.

“Since the impact presented no technical problems for the health and safety of the probe, we now announce this event as a fascinating example of how engineering data can be used, so it was not foreseen previously, to understand what Is happening to the spacecraft over 380,000 kilometers from Earth, “ said John Keller, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter project scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

But this explanation has not convinced conspiracy theorists as much as ufologists. They say that NASA has not provided evidence or data of the alleged meteorite and that they are based only on assumptions and theories without fundamentals. It is for this reason that some experts in the field have offered their own explanations. Some believe that a small alien probe struck directly at the US space probe.



WhilNASA admits UFOe others claim that a UFO was responsible for the impact , because the spacecraft was approaching some extraterrestrial base on the lunar surface. So they prevented the LRO cameras from recording the alien evidence on the Moon. It is clear that each one offers his version of what happened, NASA tells us that it is a small meteor and the conspiracy theorists claim that it was a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin.

And what do you think? An extraterrestrial ship or a meteorite?

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