NASA feed shows a giant UFO near the Sun

Thousands of planets have been discovered in recent decades, although astronomers tell us there are probably billions more. In such a large and diverse set of solar systems, it seems impossible that humans can be the only intelligent life. This contradiction, between the high probability that life exists in other parts of the universe and the lack of evidence of it, is known as the Fermi Paradox. Coined by the physicist Enrico Fermi in the 1960s, it is a mystery that continues more than half a century later.(UFO near the Sun)

The first thing a planet needs to sustain life is liquid water, it is essential for living beings. Researchers recently found signs of a lake on Mars, although buried beneath a thick layer of ice, near the south pole of the planet. If there is liquid water, it could serve as an ideal place for organisms that hide until there are more favorable conditions on the surface. And this evidence could prove the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial beings on Mars.

Although there is another possibility, and that is that aliens are closer to our planet than we think. Earlier this year, Avi Loeb, director of the department of astronomy at Harvard and one of the advisors of the Breakthrough Listen project, said there are extraterrestrial spaceships among us, including one or more near Jupiter. And maybe now we have evidence of what Loeb said.

Great UFO near the Sun

A UFO the size of a planet has been discovered by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) (you can download the original video here ). This space probe was launched in 1995 with the mission of closely monitoring the Sun to study its solar activity and provide real-time data on the developments of space weather. In the video of the US space agency, you can see how the UFO remains still even after being hit by a strong solar explosion.Video player 00:0000:08

Apparently, the huge object is close to the lower region of the sun . According to expert Scott C. Waring, only the back of the ship was visible in the video. This could be due to the orientation of the object or the limited amount of visible light that impacts it.

Compared to the size of the Sun, the object seems to be as large as other planets in the Solar System. Interestingly, it remained motionless even after receiving a direct impact from the solar explosion of the Sun. According to Waring, this is evidence that the Sun could be empty and that inside it houses an extraterrestrial civilization.

Then, based on this concept, it is possible to think that solar flares could be caused by the opening of “stargates” . This would be the reason why UFO sightings near the Sun are almost always followed by solar explosions. It could also explain why objects are not affected by solar flares even though they are known to have devastating effects.

“I found this planetary-sized UFO near our sun,” Waring writes in his ET Data Base blog. “The UFO is seen maintaining its position, despite a wave of solar explosion hitting it. You only see the back edge of the round UFO, but it stands out too much to be something else. Such UFOs have been registered several times in recent years. The SOHO site is really helping with this, as it is very easy to use. With evidence like this, it should not be many years before the government of the United States admits that there are extraterrestrials. “

giant UFO near sun - NASA discovers a giant UFO hidden near the Sun

But another possibility to explain the presence of this huge UFO near the Sun is that it would be feeding on its energy. Experts in the field argue that extraterrestrial civilizations use energy for interplanetary travel. But this practice is very dangerous for us since it could end solar energy in a few years. What’s more, the effects of such exhaustion would already be felt on our planet, with the numerous and unusual flares that are constantly whipping us.

What do you think of the mysterious object near the Sun? Is it an alien ship?

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