NASA to unveil discoveries of oceans beyond Earth, at press conference

As usual, NASA has called a press conference to discuss new discoveries related to the oceans and life in our solar system, obtained from the Cassini spacecraft and the Hubble Space Telescope, during a press conference that will have Place this Thursday, April 13.

NASA has given a run-in: new discoveries come from the Cassini spacecraft and the Hubble Space Telescope. “These new findings will help inform future explorations of planets with oceans – including their upcoming mission to Europe Clipper (the icy moon of Jupiter) planned to launch in 2020 – and life beyond the earth,” reads the NASA statement.


Scientists believe that Europe has the potential to have more water than we have on Earth, even some point out that the surprising discovery may be the evidence of life. NASA astronomers believe that the ocean is in contact with the rocky mantle of Europe, making possible all kinds of interesting chemical reactions.

The press conference will be broadcast live this Thursday, April 13 at 1:00 pm and will be attended by various experts from across the United States.

The conference will be attended by Jim Green, director of NASA’s Division of Planetary Sciences, as well as leading astrobiologists, scientists and astronomers associated with the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, among others. To follow the live broadcast you should go to:

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