Security Camera registers an “Extraterrestrial Entity” in Mexico

Surprising images of a security camera are causing a sensation on the Internet. They show how a possible unknown entity floats on the pavement of a street before the perplexed look of a witness.(Security Camera registers an “Extraterrestrial Entity”)

Security Camera registers an "Extraterrestrial Entity"

The event, according to the record that can be seen in the video, took place on January 17, 2017, in a street in Mexicali (Baja California, Mexico)

In spite of the low resolution of the camera and the excess of light in the right side of the screen, it is possible to see something that does not have a defined shape and that advances slowly. Suddenly, it takes more speed to get very close to a zebra crossing and there it remains parked.

A few seconds later, a guy who was crossing a few meters from him stops to look at him. After a short time, the object moves to the right until it disappears.(Security Camera registers an “Extraterrestrial Entity”)

Unfortunately, there is no more data on the event itself, but this has not prevented several people from giving their opinion. For example, the website “Infouno”, compares it with the video of an alleged alien that was recorded in the Peruvian town of Pachacamac (which turned out to be a balloon with helium). From that web they suggested the possibility that it is a simple plastic bag, especially considering the passivity of the witness.

However, there are some who suggest that it may well be an unknown entity, since the sudden and rapid movement earlier to approach the crossing and to stop in dry, and is very strange. Plus: Why would anyone stop just looking at a plastic bag? What do you think?

Then another video that circulates on the network and supposedly recorded in a train station, but without further information. How about?

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