US attack on Syria could trigger the end times revealed by biblical prophecies

It was six years since the Syrian civil war broke out, and the United States has always been on the sidelines. But now the United States Navy has launched an attack on the same Syrian military airbase responsible for the death of 100 or more civilians by a chemical attack. The decision was taken by Donald Trump and ordered 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired at al-Shayrat air base outside the city of Homs. The result: seven dead and nine wounded among those allegedly civilians.(US attack on Syria could trigger the end times)

And, to make matters worse, just a few hours after the attacks, relations between Washington and Moscow have been seriously damaged. Russian President Vladimir Putin considers the US attack on Syria an aggression on a sovereign nation . And for this reason all lines of communication with the US Army have been suspended, as announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. In addition, Russia has decided to strengthen Syrian air defenses.

And as a result of the attack, many believe that this incident will launch the Third World War . But this would only be the beginning of the end, since experts in prophecies believe that the Apocalypse begins with the destruction of Damascus.

Will the Third World War begin in Damascus?

One of the most famous moments in the Bible is when Saul, a murderer of the Christians, traveled to Damascus to deliver letters from the high priest to the synagogues. These letters gave permission to Saul to be chained to Jerusalem to followers of Christianity, men or women. However, when Saul was approaching Damascus, suddenly a glow of heaven enveloped him, he fell to the ground and heard a voice asking him why he was persecuting Jesus.(US attack on Syria could trigger the end times)

That moment changed the life of Saul (and his name to Paul of Tarsus), even the Muslims admit that the supernatural encounter took place to the south of Damascus. Now a large number of investigators are scouring the Scriptures for evidence of recent US air strikes against Syria and trying to determine if there is any overlap with biblical prophecies about Damascus.

US attack on Syria could trigger the end times


The current crisis in Syria has led Bible scholars to question whether the Old Testament Scriptures foretold the chaos that is unfolding in the Middle East before it actually began. Some claim that the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel wrote 2,500 years ago that in the “last days” of history, Russia and Iran will form a military alliance to attack Israel from the north. And this conflict, described in Ezekiel 38-39, was called the “war of Gog and Magog”.(US attack on Syria could trigger the end times)

But there is a particular passage from the Bible that seems to predict the present moment and the imminent end of time : Isaiah 17: 1-3.

“Prophecy about Damascus. Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city, and it will be a heap of ruins. The cities of Aroer are forsaken; They will sleep there, and none will make them afraid. And the relief of Ephraim shall cease, and the kingdom of Damascus shall cease; And that which is left of Syria shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the Lord of hosts. “

While everything seems to indicate that the recent American attack may be the key to World War III and the end times, there are those who claim that the prophecies have not yet been fulfilled . Damascus is one of the oldest inhabited cities on Earth. It has been attacked, besieged and conquered. But Damascus has never been completely destroyed and uninhabited. However, that is exactly what the Bible says will happen. Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49 are a series of end-time prophecies that refer to God’s judgments on the enemies of Israel through tribulation.(US attack on Syria could trigger the end times)

US attack on Syria could trigger the end timesWhile most bachelors believe that we are living the “last days,” other experts say the Bible is not specific about how the city of Damascus will be destroyed or how the apocalyptic event will occur. Apparently, the consequences of this destruction are not well known since the holy book does not go into details on the subject. But it should be noted that the Bible clearly indicates that Damascus will be totally and utterly destroyed at some point in the future, either by a great cataclysm or by the judgment of God. It is at this point that the performance of each one comes into play.

Do you think this latest attack in Syria can be the trigger for World War III? Are we living the beginning of the end times?


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