Nikola Tesla's Interplanetary Ship Without Any Wings, Propellers, Or Fuel

Nikola Tesla’s Interplanetary Ship Without Any Wings, Propellers, Or Fuel

The Serbo-Croatian genius stated that one of his life goals was to create a flying machine that could function without the use of an internatl combustion engine or wings, ailerons, propellers, or any fuel source. Let’s take a look at the famous Nikola Tesla’s Interplanetary Ship.

Nikola Tesla's Interplanetary Ship
“Tesla’s Saucer”, from Rarible’s 
“Quantum Consciousness” collection.

Tesla initially thought of a plane that could fly thanks to an electric motor powered by a generator on the ground. Over time, he speculated that this aircraft could be moved entirely mechanically. The form he assumed the airship was that of a typical saucer.

“I am now planning aerial machines devoid of wings, flaps, propellers, and other external accessories, which will be capable of reaching immense speeds,” reads his autobiography.

To a Westinghouse manager, Tesla wrote: “You shouldn’t be at all surprised if you ever see me fly from New York to Colorado Springs in a device that will look like a gas stove and weigh so much…and could, if necessary, enter and exit through a window» [Ref. 1].

Nikola Tesla’s Interplanetary Ship

Tesla intended the world to have a free, wireless power source: “My power generator will be of the simplest kind: just a great mass of steel, copper, and aluminum comprising a stationary and a rotating part, assembled in a peculiar way.”

But something more incredible is what officials at the Nikola Tesla museum in Belgrade say, who say that the inventor left sketches of interplanetary ships that never actually materialized due to the start of World War II and the fear that they would be used for the wrong.

Nikola Tesla's Interplanetary Ship
The shape of Tesla’s flying machine (no wings, no fins, propellers, or visible propulsion method) bears some resemblance to the Tic Tac pill-shaped objects recently described by the US Navy. Credit: 
zztopfila .

“This information, however, has not been made available to Western scholars,” said the museum.

This is how Tesla himself described it in his last years of life:

“After these experiments, I planned to build a machine that could fly not only in the air but also in interplanetary space.

»The working principle of the flying machine is as follows: towards the direction of the flight, the compression of the ether becomes weaker by the generator installed on the flying machine. As the ether continues to press with a previous intensity from all other sides, the flying machine begins to move. Being inside this flying machine, you will not feel its acceleration since the ether should not hinder your movement.

“But I had to abandon my plans to create the flying machine. There were two reasons for this: First, I don’t have the money to work secretly. But the main reason is that the great war started in Europe and I would not like my inventions to be used to kill! When the hell will these crazy people stop?

Ether – The Fuel Of The Nikola Tesla’s Interplanetary Ship

That is to say, the way this spaceship would move is thanks to the aether, or the rarefaction of it in the direction of motion, because from all other sides, being constant in space, it will exert a thrust on the ship, moving it in the «desired verse» [Ref. two].

Here it is worth clarifying what is meant by “ether”, which could be defined as an omnipresent force or “fluid” that fills the vacuum of space, providing a medium for the propagation of light, gravity, and electromagnetism.

When set in motion, this fluid, the ether, becomes dense matter. If its movement is stopped, the primary substance returns to its normal state. It seems possible, then, that man, through the harnessed energy of the medium and appropriate means of starting and stopping the eddies of ether, causes matter to form and disappear. At his command, almost without effort on his part, the old worlds would vanish and new ones would arise », explained Tesla on the nature of the ether.

Nikola Tesla's Interplanetary Ship
“Cosmic Tesla”, from the 
“Quantum Consciousness” collection in Rarible.

So, basically, ordinary matter is nothing more than densified ether, the substance that permeates everything, like ice is solidified water. The difference is that matter is created by swirling ether.

On the other hand, Tesla was not very fond of Albert Einstein and his contrasting theory of general relativity:

«I still believe that space cannot be curved, for the simple fact that it cannot have properties. It would be like saying that God has properties. He only has attributes of our own invention. We can speak of property only because of the matter that fills the space. To say that space is curved in the presence of huge bodies is to say that something can act on nothing. I refuse to subscribe to such an opinion. (…)

“Only the existence of a force field can explain the movements of the observed bodies, and your assumption ignores the curvature of space. All literature on this subject is futile and destined for oblivion. Such are all attempts to explain the workings of the universe without acknowledging the existence of the ether and the indispensable role it plays in phenomena.”

And even though early modern models of the aether were superseded by general relativity, some physicists have occasionally attempted to reintroduce the concept of the aether in an attempt to address perceived deficiencies in Einstein’s current physical model. For example, a proposed model of dark energy has been called “quintessence” by its proponents, after the classical element. This idea is related to the hypothetical form of dark energy postulated as an explanation for observations of an accelerating universe. It has also been called the fifth fundamental force.

Nikola Tesla’s Interplanetary Ship – Without wings or propellers, but with a gyroscope

According to Tesla, thanks to the use of the ether, his flying machine would dispense with wings or propellers and could move in any direction at high speed and stop in the air to remain static there.

“My flying machine will have no wings or propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it is a flying machine. However, it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction in complete safety, at higher speeds than it has to achieve, regardless of the weather and regardless of “holes in the air” or downdrafts. You will ascend in such currents if you wish. It can remain absolutely stationary in the air even in windy conditions for a long time. Its lifting power will not depend on any device as delicate as the one the bird has to use, but on a positive mechanical action », he explained in an interview [Ref. 3].

As for stability, everything would depend on a gyroscope.

“It would be kept stable through the gyroscopic action of my motor, assisted by some devices that I am not yet ready to disclose,” Tesla noted. “I’m not going to talk about that anymore. But whatever my aircraft is, there is at least one engine here that will do things that no other engine has ever done, and that is something tangible” [Ref. 4]

If you have read this far, surely at some point the word “UFO” will have come to your mind or what witnesses describe about its forms, movements, and behaviors that —oh coincidence— are very similar to the flying machine proposed by the famous inventor.

Perhaps Tesla knew about the technology behind these machines, not because he was in contact with aliens, as some ufologist would like to think, but because he was a man ahead of his time—sadly unappreciated by the myopic minds of his day. As Nietzsche said: “I will be contemporary in a hundred years.”


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