One third of Humans will ascend to the 5th Dimension: Are you already feeling the Changes?

We are going through a turbulent period in terms of planetary vibration. Since a year ago, it has been accentuating our dimension more and more intensely. There are people who feel the energy both positively and negatively.

The sensations that these people can feel, for example, can be nausea, physical discomfort, and that all the food feels bad, feel heavy and with a bad body in general.

In fact, we are preparing for an imminent change of energy on a planetary level, which is coming little by little, but unfortunately, not all people feel it. Many will feel it over the next two years, so if you are one of the few who feel these sensations, you should consider yourself privileged.(5th Dimension)

I say this because your sensitivity is increasing, and according to quantum science, people who are at this level, are working at an unconscious level to enter the third of humanity that will ascend to the fifth dimension, that is, you will be able to continue your present life and the lives of future incarnations on the planet earth that is to come.

The earth of the new era, in it we will live a period of a great amount of light, for the vibration is changing, and this for those who are up to date is nothing new, it is said that in the new earth life in this planet will no longer be a world full of trials and atonement like the one we are in now, and it will become a world of regeneration.(5th Dimension)


There will be no more pain or suffering, in the near future, everything will be lighter. Water and sunlight will be the energy base of the new human being.

We will have a feeling of apparent satiety, which will make us eat only what is necessary. The reason for the vibrational change, is no other than to make humanity realize that life is much more than pain and suffering. Everything is still to come and the best is yet to come.(5th Dimension)

The concept of “third dimension” refers to the most material part of reality. However, this does not mean that the material world has three dimensions. In reality it has infinite.

The fourth dimension is a state of consciousness in which we perceive our mental and emotional part, in addition to the physical world that surrounds us. With this definition, it is evident that all people are in the fourth dimension, because, to a greater or lesser degree, everyone perceives their feelings and their thoughts.(5th Dimension)

The passage from the fourth to the fifth dimension is similar to the passage from the third to the fourth: it does not mean that there are five dimensions, but that one more facet of existence is perceived. Each time you move to a new dimension, it means that consciousness expands and you perceive a new aspect of reality that you did not see before. And in the case of the fifth dimension, this new aspect is the unity between all things.(5th Dimension)

The third dimension is the awareness of the physical world in all its amplitude. The fourth dimension is the awareness of the emotions and thoughts of each living being at the individual level. And the fifth dimension is the awareness that everything is a unity. It is the dimension of unconditional love and the unity between all that exists. This is why it is often said that from the fifth dimension the dimensions disappear. In the fifth dimension, everything is one.

Although in reality, this way of expressing it is not correct. It is not that in the fifth dimension everything is one. Everything is always one. Being in the fifth dimension is a way of saying that our vision expands and realizes that everything is one. It is a great change of consciousness.

To achieve this, it is not only about understanding at an intellectual level that we are all one, but about really seeing it and feeling without any doubt that it is so. It seems a distant step, but in reality we are very close. There are many people in this world who have started taking this step. And you are in this group.

You are part of the advance party that is leading humanity to the unconditional love of the fifth dimension. But you already knew this, did not you? (5th Dimension)

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  1. My husband recently passed away and was a true believer in higher levels. He tried to prepare me for this but I wasn’t ready and it seems that things he talked about are now actually happening. Guess I should have paid more attention … I think I’m awake and ready for it to happen … Jesus knows how I feel … it’s a lot to take in. I can just see my husband saying “I told you so you should have listened more’. Sounds like he will be waiting for me when we ascend (???)

    1. Patty,
      Beautifully said. In our home – I learn daily of spiritual and universal things. I have tried to involve my husband and mother…no success. My opinion is that when they feel the need to search and know, they will.

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