Oscar Santa María Huerta

Oscar Santa María Huerta: Pilot Who Shot An Independence Day-style UFO

The peculiarity of the alien invaders is that their ships are protected by a force field from terrestrial projectiles. And the following UFO case, which happened to a Peruvian pilot Oscar Santa María Huerta, could show that such technology exists in another place beyond fiction.

Oscar Santa María Huerta: Pilot Who Shot An Independence Day-style UFO

More than forty years ago, fighter pilot Oscar Santa María Huerta had his real Independence Day moment, when he attempted to shoot down a mysterious lightbulb-shaped craft, in what remains the only documented case to this day – let it be officially known – of a military plane firing at a UFO.

Pilot Oscar Santa María Huerta: The Pilot Who Shot A UFO

It was the early morning of April 11, 1980 and the then 23-year-old lieutenant of the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) was preparing for daily exercises together with some 1,800 military and civilians at La Joya Air Base, 1000 km to the south of the Peruvian capital.

The Tte. Huerta, a pilot with eight years of experience who had been flying combat missions since the age of 19, was ordered to take off in his Russian-made Sukhoi-22 fighter, to intercept a strange silver object that had been seen floating near the end of the track.

The object was five kilometers away, suspended in the air about 600 meters above the ground and was not responding to any communication.

“This ‘balloon’ was in restricted airspace without authorization, representing a serious challenge to national sovereignty,” wrote the now-retired colonel.

Colonel Huerta was one of many investigators, former military officers, and others, who gave testimony at a major press event at the National Press Club in Washington (2013), with the goal of pressuring the United States government to open their files related to UFO encounters.

I had to lower it. La Joya was one of the few bases in South America that had Soviet-made war equipment, and we were concerned about espionage, “he said.

Oscar Santa María Huerta: Pilot Who Shot An Independence Day-style UFO
A diagram showing the encounter with the object Credit: Cnel. 
Oscar Santa María Huerta.

After takeoff, Colonel Huerta flew at 2,500 meters and entered attack mode.

“I reached the necessary distance and fired a burst of sixty-four 30mm rounds, which created a cone-shaped ‘wall of fire’ that would normally destroy anything in its path,” he explained.

Just one of those projectiles would be enough to take down a car, but it had no effect on the object. “I thought that then the balloon would open and the gases would start to come out of it. But none of that happened. It seemed as if the huge bullets were sucked into the balloon and did not suffer any damage.

The object then shot rapidly into the sky, away from the base, prompting the young pilot to activate the plane’s afterburner to chase it 500 meters behind. When they reached the city of Camaná, 84 km from the site, the object came to a sudden stop, forcing a turning maneuver.

Oscar Santa María Huerta posing in front of his plane.

Turning up and to the right, Huerta tried to position himself for another shot.

“I started to get closer to it until I had it in my sights perfectly,” he continued. “I looked at the target and was ready to shoot. But just at that moment, the object made another sudden ascent, evading the attack. He left me underneath and broke my attack.

He tried the same maneuver two more times, each time the object quickly escaped upwards seconds before the pilot could fire at it.

Oscar Santa María Huerta: Pilot Who Shot An Independence Day-style UFO
The pilot Oscar Santa María Huerta getting on his plane.

At that time, the object was 14,000 meters above the ground. Huerta decided to attempt an attack from above, in order to prevent the object from leaving its target range, but it followed it up to 19,200 meters — well beyond the aircraft’s capabilities.

Running out of fuel, he realized that he could not continue the attack, so he decided to fly close to the object to see it better. It wasn’t until he was 100 meters away that he realized what it was.

“I was surprised to see that the ‘balloon’ was not a balloon at all. It was an object that was about 10 meters in diameter with a shiny dome on top, cream-colored, similar to a light bulb cut in half, “he said.

Oscar Santa María Huerta: Pilot Who Shot An Independence Day-style UFO
An approximate diagram of the object made by the main witness.

“The circular base was wider, silver in color, and looked like some kind of metal. It lacked all the typical aircraft components. It had no wings, jets of propulsion, exhausts, windows, antennas, etc. It had no visible propulsion system. At that moment, I realized that this was not a spy device but a UFO, something totally unknown.

“I was almost out of fuel, so I couldn’t attack or maneuver my plane, or make a high-speed escape. Suddenly I was scared. I thought it could all be over for me.

Huerta made his return, partially gliding for lack of fuel and “zigzagging to make my plane more difficult to shoot down, always staring in the rear-view mirrors, hoping it wouldn’t chase me.”

After landing, the object remained motionless in the place where it left it for another two hours.

The UFO had no visible propulsion system.

The colonel says the ship was witnessed by everyone at the base, many of whom were required to report. A June 1980 document from the US Department of Defense entitled UFO Sighted in Peru, describes the incident, stating only that the object remains “of unknown origin.”

A similar incident occurred in 1976 when Iranian Air Force General Parviz Jafari attempted to fire on a UFO but was unable to do so, as his instrumentation was incredibly disabled by the object. “My equipment was mechanical, and perhaps that is the reason why it could not be turned off, which is why, instead, the object had to jump at the last minute,” Huerta pointed out in this regard.

“I am in the unique position, at least for the moment and as far as I know, of being the only military pilot in the world who has actually fired on a UFO. It still gives me chills to think about that.

Force Field Technology In UFOs

In what could be considered a related case, it is worth remembering what happened on April 25, 1942, over the skies of Los Angeles. In the middle of World War II and fearing a Japanese attack, the 37th Coastal Artillery Brigade began firing its antiaircraft weapons at an object that had invaded American space with impunity.

Thousands of witnesses to the incident described the “enemy ship” as a large object that remained motionless over the city while the army fired at it with everything it had. Shortly thereafter, this mysterious object, without showing any dent, began to move slowly towards Santa Monica and Long Beach, disappearing completely from view.

The object in the skies of Los Angeles receiving the full power of the American antiaircraft artillery

As can well be appreciated, like what happened in the Huerta case, this UFO was invulnerable to the weapons of humans, showing perhaps the same type of force field around it – or at least that is the only thing we can do. elucubrate – which allowed him to continue his way leisurely.

Fortunately, the crew in both cases were evolved enough not to return fire from a belligerent species … and knowingly inferior.

Source: News.com.au

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