Discovery Of Giant Skeletons By Archaeologists: Truth or Hoax?

In past decades, in American newspapers, from time to time, surprising articles about unusual finds of giant skeletons have been found.

These were articles from different newspapers and from different states and they reported on the finds of giant skeletons

Moreover, most often this was the only information that got into the newspapers about these finds, and subsequently, nothing was ever reported about them.

All this could be taken as a joke, however, these articles were not published on April 1 and not in satirical publications, but in ordinary newspapers, and also not in a column of humor, but in sections where all other articles about science were published.

Despite the fact that official science announces all such articles at once as a lie or fake, not everything seems so unambiguous. 

Discovery Of Giant Skeletons By Archaeologists: Truth or Hoax?

Giant Skeletons from Iowa Mounds

In 1897, an unspecified newspaper reported unusual finds in Iowa Indian Mounds. There, archaeologists allegedly dug up a skeleton with a height of 229 cm. At the same time, the bones could not even be saved for scientists, they were barely removed from the mound, the bones of the skeleton began to literally crumble to dust in front of our eyes.

In another mound of the same state, archaeologists stumbled upon a large chamber, in which there were as many as 11 skeletons. They were arranged in an unusual way in a circle, in the center of which lay a large sink. Archaeologists had the impression that liquid had previously been poured into the sink, and people drank it and died. Collective suicide?

All these skeletons were also unusually large, over 2 meters. And when archaeologists began to work there, they stumbled upon an unusual substance, similar to copper powder.

And such a stench rose from her in the cell that archaeologists had to urgently get out of there and wait a while until the dust disperses.

Ozarks Giant Skeletons

In 1933, the Missouri state newspaper reported a find in the small resort town of Ozarks. A local boy, Billy Hartman, climbed into the Puckett Cave near the Meramek River in search of ancient arrowhead tips and spears that they allegedly saw there.

And he found more than he wanted. He found a depression in the cave where human bones lay. The boy reported them to adults and when they collected a full skeleton from bones, it turned out to be 244 cm long. 

Discovery Of Giant Skeletons By Archaeologists: Truth or Hoax?

Skeleton from Ohio

On January 21, 1899, the Miamisburg Daily Telegraph came out with a large headline on the front page that read “A giant body was discovered.” The article reported on the “largest in the world” human skeleton found in the area of ​​Indian mounds near Miamizburg.

Archaeological excavations had been going on in these mounds for a long time, and here a lot of the most ordinary artifacts were found. However, a skeleton almost 250 cm tall clearly stood out from their background.

But most of all the archaeologists were puzzled not even by the growth of the skeleton, but by the fact that the bones were fossilized. That is, this skeleton has been lying here since at least prehistoric times, which seemed impossible, at that time there were no people in America yet.

Another mystery was that although the structure of the skeleton was quite modern, its skull seemed much more primitive. What happened next with this find is unknown.

Discovery Of Giant Skeletons By Archaeologists: Truth or Hoax?

Giantess from San Diego

On October 7, 1895, The World newspaper reported a find near San Diego (California) of a giant Indian mummy, 274 cm tall. It was probably a mummy because it pressed the remains of a child to its chest.

Discovery Of Giant Skeletons By Archaeologists: Truth or Hoax?

There were surprisingly many photographs of this mummy; these are the clearest images of all the giant skeletons mentioned in this article. The newspaper claimed that the authenticity of the find was certified by scientists.

In subsequent years, notes appeared in other newspapers that this mummy was fake. At the same time, why it was a fake, no details were provided, as well as by what signs this fake was identified and who did it. Fake and all. Where then this “fake” went is also unknown. 

Giant skeletons from Wisconsin

The New York Times, May 4, 1912, reported the discovery of 18 giant human skeletons in southwestern Wisconsin. The remains near Lake Delawan were found by the Peterson brothers and in height they were really gigantic from 231 to 305 cm.

Moreover, they had skulls elongated upwards, which in general were much larger than human ones. At the same time, many of these skulls had a double set of teeth (!), And the front teeth were not incisors, but large teeth, similar to molars. 

As you might guess, the New York Times never again reported these skeletons.

Another skeleton with a double row of teeth

In 1833, California newspapers briefly reported the discovery of a human skeleton 366 cm tall. It was allegedly accidentally dug up by soldiers who were digging a foundation for building an ammunition depot near the Lomrock ranch. 

The skull of the skeleton had a double row of teeth and was surrounded by various artifacts, “indicating its high status.” Inexplicable stone tiles with strange signs and patterns also lay next to the bones. No other documentation about this find exists and the press no longer reported.

5 meter giant

In 1870, the Oil City Times published a sensational article about the discovery in West Hickory, Pennsylvania, of a huge human skeleton that was 549 cm long. Even stranger, they found the same huge rusty iron helmet and giant 2.8 meter long sword.

The skeleton was in amazingly good condition and completely white, all the teeth in the jaws were in place and also had a double row. The skeleton was found at a depth of 3.7 meters. 

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