US Navy Video Shows A UFO Hovering And Escaping Under The Water

A video taken aboard a US Navy ship, off the coast of San Diego, shows a mysterious spherical object flying through the air before plunging into the ocean.

US Navy Video Shows A UFO Hovering And Escaping Under The Water

The images are the source of two previously posted screenshots of unidentified flying objects. They have been confirmed by a Pentagon spokeswoman as genuine, admitting that they were recorded by Navy personnel, FOX 8 reported.

The black and white clip, taken aboard the USS Omaha in July 2019, shows a small spherical object flying parallel to the ocean, hovering for a moment before plummeting and disappearing into the water.

“Wow, it’s getting closer,” can be heard in the clip as the spacecraft approaches the surface of the ocean. “Splashed!” Says the same voice when the object hits the water.

Luis Elizondo, a former Pentagon intelligence officer who used to have access to the agency’s UFO data, previously stated to the NY Post that UFOs have “transmedia” capabilities, meaning they can travel freely through space, water, and the air. In fact, it was recently revealed that higher-ups in the Navy have seriously considered the possibility that there are underwater bases from which UFOs (or ovnis as appropriate) emerge.

The main video of this news was published this Friday (May 14) by investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who told FOX 8 that a submarine was later dispatched in search of the ship, which was very large, but never nothing was found.

He also clarified that the images were taken with a cell phone inside the ship’s Combat Information Center, a classified location where phones – in theory – are not allowed.

UFOs Stalking The US Navy

Around the time the video was taken, three US warships based in the San Diego area had numerous encounters with unknown aerial intruders that harassed them for several days.

The unidentified ships, described in the records as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), swarmed around the USS Kidd, USS Rafael Peralta, and USS John Finn for several days in July 2019, sometimes performing “brazen” maneuvers, according to show the logs obtained by the news site The Drive.

The sightings took place while warships were conducting military exercises some 100 miles offshore, well beyond the range of commercial drones.

Source: NY Post

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