Several Twitter users receive a cryptic voice message with a terrible warning for the month of April(Black Box recording of MH370 possibly)

In January 2012, a mysterious cryptographic image was published in a 4chan website forum that read as follows (Twitter users receive a cryptic voice message):

“Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test. There is a hidden message in this image. Find him and he will guide you on the way to find us. We hope to meet with the few who will do it until the end. Good luck. 3301. “

This was the beginning of the mysterious phenomenon called Cicada 3301. Some suggested that the challenge was a well-crafted marketing campaign, however, conspiracy theorists claimed that the cryptic image was a recruiting tool for the MI6 or the CIA, in a Try to find young and brilliant hackers. But this has not been the only mystery of the network, since in 2015 they published a mysterious cryptographic video on YouTube where a strange character had a sort of Morse or binary code in the palm of his hand.(Twitter users receive a cryptic voice message)

But when we thought we had seen it all, now several Twitter users have received a cryptic voice message related to the missing MH370 plane, the existence of extraterrestrial life and the date of the Day of Judgment.

The cryptic message

The story began with Ty (@strayedaway), a Twitter user with no apparent interest in any conspiracy issue or anything. On March 13, Ty posted a recording of a chilling voice message he received on his mobile phone and asked for help in translating it (you can listen to it by clicking here ). Since then it has received more than seven million visits and has gained more than 40,000 followers in a few hours. An event that forced him to temporarily disable his account, since he was apparently receiving death threats.(Twitter users receive a cryptic voice message)

cryptic message voice - Several Twitter users receive a cryptic voice message with a terrible warning for the month of April

In the strange message you could hear a robotic voice transmitting an automatic message entirely in the phonetic alphabet of NATO. Decrypted, it read as follows:

“Danger, SOS, you are required to evacuate, caution: you are not human. 042933964230 SOS, danger, SOS “

Other users quickly investigated the numerical sequence in detail. Apparently, it was a set of coordinates that, when entered in Google Maps, led to a location in Africa and another near Malaysia. Some netizens pointed out that the latter was very close to the point where Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared from the radar, leading to speculation that the voice message could be a recording of the plane’s encounter with an alien spacecraft.(Twitter users receive a cryptic voice message)

Ty also posted direct messages that he had been receiving on his Twitter account, one in Indonesian, one in Malay, one pair in Morse code and one that appeared to be five groupings of numbers: “ 1.18.5 41818 “.

When he translated the message into Indonesian it turned out to be a warning: “Delete the post you just shared about the recording on your phone . ” Other users who managed to decipher the numeric sequences and the Morse code, got the following: “They are taking charge”, and a strange mention about the late scientist Stephen

Hawking that said this: “The message received is related to the death of Stephen Hawking You are not ready to face them. “

Although what is most disturbing is that the numerical sequences referred to April 18 as a kind of Judgment Day, ecstasy or the day “they” will take over were in control.

And if this was not scary enough, a few days before he started receiving the messages, Ty posted how a stranger passed by his house and took pictures at 3 o’clock in the morning . Now he believes that the enigmatic man is linked to the voice message and the threatening direct messages he received.

cryptic message voice warning - Several Twitter users receive a cryptic voice message with a terrible warning for the month of April

Same message, different users

How could it be otherwise, since the publication of Ty went viral, Twitter became a hotbed of conspiratorial and paranormal activity. And as of that moment many other users also recognized to have received the chilling voice message.

Twitter user Basspeare (@basspeare) received the same voicemail as Ty, except that his recording featured a long message about extraterrestrials. This is what it said:

“This is not a test, this is not a joke. In recent years, we wanted to send an automatic voice message to people who understand and are not afraid. One message at a time will make many know the truth. The truth is that other biological beings have been walking towards the supreme creation that sustains life on Earth. A planet created like ours with technological advances, you as a human race have remained strong and alive. But as chaos hits your planet, we must show ourselves to demonstrate that there are different ways to maintain peace. Many do not agree with what we say, so they can hunt us. Their achievements are as follows: they have created religions about an unrealistic god, they have created a government that is corrupt and that will collapse soon, its armament only advances with our technology that we have been robbed. The liquid lands you call oceans contain many secrets, even some (unintelligible) that sink into the abyss. We will make ourselves known in the best possible way. Clean your airspace to obtain safe consequences. “

However, some people think that these messages are part of an alternative reality, a complex puzzle similar to the Cicada 3301, which could be resolved on April 18. The truth is that you can not rule out anything, since sometimes reality trumps fiction. Meanwhile, all this makes us ask the following:

Is it really a cryptic message? Maybe it’s the date of Judgment Day? Or is it a viral marketing technique?(Twitter users receive a cryptic voice message)

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