Quinametzin: The Pre-Hispanic giants that inhabited Mexico

Quinametzin: The Pre-Hispanic giants that inhabited Mexico

According to Aztec legends the Quinametzin are giants that inhabited Mesoamerica and Mexico in archaic time.
The Quinametzin and other humanoid giants are mentioned in Aztec and Mesoamerican mythology and in Spanish chronicles. 
These mysterious beings stood over 10 feet tall and weighed around 600 pounds. 
They lived in a time known as the Era of the Fourth Sun and it is said that they built the pyramids of Teotihuacán and the Great Pyramid of Cholula.
These mythological beings are associated with the narrative of the Five Suns of the Aztecs, which is about the existence of five eras with five different races in the remote past of America. 
They were created by the Gods in the Age of the Fourth Sun: that of Atltonatiuh (Sun of Water).

The Quinametzin in Aztec tales

Quinametzin: The Pre-Hispanic giants that inhabited Mexico
A group of natives in the central highlands of Mexico, capturing and putting to death a giant.
A Quinametzin captured by the Aztecs.

The Ríos Codex or Vatican Codex A, which focuses on the Toltec-Chichimeca people, shows the Aztecs battling and capturing one of these giants. 
The name of the giant that appears in the codex is Quinametzin. 
The word comes from ” quinametli “, which means giant.
Aztec mythology says that these beings inhabited Mexico and Central America and that the native peoples fought against them.
They were annihilated by the Aztec gods through a Universal Flood or flood, due to their sins or evils (similar to the Nephilim).
Four of these Quinametzin were Cuauhtémoc, Izcoalt, Izcaqlli, and Tenexuche, who mysteriously supported or carried the sky or the firmament at the beginning of the Era of the Fifth Sun. 
In Aztec accounts, there is Tzilacatzin, a giant Otomi warrior from Mexico-Tlatelolco, who arrived to be a hero during the taking of Tenochtitlán (Spanish invasion).

Quinametzin Described by Spanish chroniclers in the 16th century

Quinametzin: The Pre-Hispanic giants that inhabited Mexico
Tzilacatzin against the Spanish in the taking of Tenochtitlán.

Many chroniclers and scribe priests knew of the giant legends told by the aborigines of ancient Mexico. 

The Bernardino de Sahagun fray even stated that the builders of the pyramids of Teotihuacan and Cholula were these colossal humanoids:

And the burial mounds that they made to the sun and the moon are like great mountains built by hand, which seems to be natural mountains and they are not, and it can still be an incredible thing to say that they are built by hand, and it is true, because those who They were made then, they were gigantic and even this is clear on the hill or mount of Chollullan, which is clear to be made by hand, because it has adobe and whitewashed (Sahagún, 1956, vol. III, p. 209).

The Friar Diego Duran also mentioned the presence of giants in the region of Puebla-Tlaxcala: “The other people who say they found those of Tlaxcala and Cholula and Huejotzingo, say they were giants. – extracted from Durán, 1951, P. 14.

Durán stipulated that long and large bones were found in that region of Puebla that he himself saw when they were being extracted. 
He also spoke of battles between the giants and the Cholultecs.
In addition, Fray Andrés Olmos reported the collection of gigantic standing bones in the palace of Antonio de Mendoza, viceroy of New Spain.


The builders of the Great Pyramid of Cholula

The Aztec constructions of the pyramids of Teotihuacán and the Great Pyramid of Cholula are among the most amazing and megalithic in America. 
The Great Pyramid of Cholula has been called the largest in the world, with 65 meters high and 450 meters x 450 meters base.

Illustrations of giants

According to Aztec myths, Teotihuacán and Cholula were built by the Quinametzin.
The Great Pyramid of Cholula was built by Xelhua, who also founded pre-Columbian cities such as Quauhquechollan, Itzocan, Epatlán, Teopantlán, Tehuacán, Cuzcatlán, and Teotitlán. 
Other Quinametzin founders of pre-Hispanic cities were: Tenoch, founder of Tenochtitlán and Otomitl, founder of Xilotepec and Tollan .
This information from the Quinametzin is impressive because it presents much evidence for the existence of giants in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. 
However, academic historians believe that the giant bones found by the Spanish may have been dinosaur fossils.

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