They record a terrifying sound in a forest in British Columbia and nobody knows it’s origin

Many people see quiet places in the woods to enjoy Mother Nature and get away from the stress of everyday life. However, others see them as a hostile environment filled with wildlife and hidden dangers in the undergrowth. There are times when even the most experienced person is afraid to enter some forests for fear of what might be found. Many encounters suggest the presence of great creatures such as the Bigfoot lurking in the darkness of wooded areas.(terrifying sound in a forest in British Columbia)

And although it seems incredible, the huge beasts are not the only thing you can find in a forest. On some occasions, sounds can be more terrifying than a creature. According to a story published in the popular survival forum “Survivalist Boards”, a man camped near an old reservoir and was awakened by a mysterious sound coming from the water. When he came out of his tent, the sound stopped abruptly. However, the “roar” was resumed a few minutes later, this time accompanied by the sound of trunks breaking and people shouting. The man and his dogs explored the area the next morning, but found nothing out of the ordinary.(terrifying sound in a forest in British Columbia)

Although this story can be considered a simple urban legend, now terrifying sounds have been recorded in a forest near Moricetown in central British Columbia, Canada.

The terrifying cry of British Columbia

In the video, published last week, you can hear some terrifying cries very different from everything known. According to the description of the original video, the recording was taken on December 16 at 8:30 in the morning in Witset, Moricetown, British Columbia. You can see how the person who records the video tries to locate the origin of the frightening sound, but without success.(terrifying sound in a forest in British Columbia)

“Bigfoot? Aliens? Listen to this amazing recording taken on December 16 at 8:30 a.m. in Witset (Moricetown), British Columbia. Can anyone explain what is happening here? “ Says the description of the video uploaded to YouTube.

And the response of Internet users was immediate, with some saying that it was the call of an elk, a species native to the region. However, some hunters and experts in the field did not agree with this theory, assuring that they had never heard anything like it in their lives. Moreover, it seems these shocking screams seems to be repeating in other places in Canada in recent weeks.(terrifying sound in a forest in British Columbia)

“We’ve heard similar sounds coming from the north of the lake here in Kingston, Ontario,” said a Canadian hunter to the Mother Nature Network portal. “We recorded the same sounds in a hunting area … north of Battersea. I have lived in the country most of my life and have been hunting every year for the past 23. I had never heard a sound like this before. It looks like a person’s. “

And of course, the reaction of the conspiracy theorists and experts in cryptozoology did not wait. Some assured that it was the cry of a Bigfoot , since the British Columbia is a “hot spot” for encounters with the legendary creature. Many sightings have taken place in the Fraser Canyon region, but it appears to be much more active between Harrison Hot Springs and the Hope community, as well as certain places on Vancouver Island.

The stories of the witnesses range from seeing huge footprints, hearing unknown howls , and sometimes seeing the elusive creature moving through the forest, bathing in the river or eating the cattle. On the other hand, some conspiranoics suggest that it could be some kind of extraterrestrial creature .

Whatever the true origin, as expected the Canadian authorities do not seem particularly predisposed to investigate the source of the terrifying sounds. Although there is also the possibility that it is a well-crafted joke. The most skeptical are clear, it is the call of a moose, or at least that is what they want to believe to enjoy their vacation in the woods.

What is the origin of this terrifying sound? Bigfoot, extraterrestrials, another mysterious creature? Or maybe you prefer to believe that it is the call of a male elk?

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