The “trumpets of the apocalypse” return, now in Nottingham

Since 2011, the Internet has been filled with strange videos. The scene of these videos is generally the same, suburban neighborhoods that see their tranquility shaken by strange noises coming from the sky. We are talking about The Hum (The Hum), also called the “trumpets of the apocalypse”. There are several theories to explain this strange sound that has been heard all over the world, from Kiev, Ukraine to Florida, USA. Some have suggested that it may be electromagnetic noise from auroras and radiation belts, acoustic waves Gravity, tectonic plate movements, high voltage electric power lines, polar changes and the strong winds generated between the hot and cold layers in the upper sky.

But apart from natural explanations, there are also those who believe that The Hum could be a global conspiracy, such as an experiment created by the HAARP (Active High-Frequency Aurora Research Program), mental control devices, or even theories Much more apocalyptic, such as the prelude to an alien invasion , a sign of the second coming, or the beginning of the Apocalypse. Whatever the true source, the incident that most caught the attention of the media was probably the one in the Canadian city of Terrace . In 2013, hundreds of people heard a strange metallic sound coming from the sky. Although the official version by the authorities is that it was a worker using a planer,

And again the “trumpets of the apocalypse” have returned, this time they have been heard in Nottingham, England.

The return of the trumpets of the apocalypse

Calvin Kirlew, 24, and his partner, heard strange sounds very similar to trumpets from the sky in Nottingham, England. Kirlew said he recorded the strange phenomenon from the window of his house, and was convinced that it came from the sky.

The sound, which has been described as metal or trumpets, is very similar to those heard in other countries such as the United States, Bulgaria and Sweden.

“We’ve been hearing these noises outside for five or ten minutes ,” Calvin Kirlew told the British newspaper Daily Mail. “I did not know what it was, I was surprised. About five minutes before starting to record, it was already heard and then continued for another 30 minutes. It came in the direction of the Victoria Center shopping center, but from the sky. I was at home with my partner and we both heard him. It was very rare. In the video I’m quite surprised. It was strange. He sent me a message to my friend who lives in Wollaton, but said he could not hear it. I have no idea what it could be. “

After Kirlew posted the video on social networks, many residents of Nottingham claimed to have heard the same phenomenon , but said nothing to be ridiculed. So far the authorities of Nottingham have not wanted to express themselves about the incident, which has led conspiracy theorists to offer their own theories.

While some believe they are apocalyptic signs , others believe they could be the result of the Blue Beam project . As we have already mentioned in Esoteric and Paranormal World, the Blue Beam project is a process to create holograms in 3D so that people think they are real. By using electronic double-way communication, the Blue Beam system can reach all points on Earth.

trumpets of the apocalypse


Some conspiracy theorists claim that the Blue Beam project is part of another much larger conspiracy , which would target the formation of a single world religion. This new religion will be led by the “Antichrist” and will mark the beginning of a New World Order. Technological advances can play an important role in the so-called “second coming”.

However, to dispel any conspiracy theory, in 2015 scientists said that the strange sounds of the planet were caused by the activity of microscopic long waves that affect the seabed, an unusual phenomenon that makes our planet vibrate, producing audible sounds Only in some places of the planet.

What do you think about the “trumpets of the apocalypse” in Nottingham? Do you have any logical or rational explanation?

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