Residents Claim That Aliens Visited A Town In Bolivia

After having seen strange lights in the skies, the residents of a town in Bolivia say they have received a visit from an alien, whose appearance was compared to that of the mythical chupacabra.

Residents Claim That Aliens Visited A Town In Bolivia
Marks left by the UFO landing. 
Inset: drawing of the alien made by one of the witnesses.

A visitor from another world? This is what the inhabitants of the Monteagudo neighborhood in Santa Cruz, Bolivia say. Witnesses describe him as approximately 30 centimeters tall, with an oval head, large eyes and three fingers on his hands, and they say that he came out of an object that came from the sky and landed on the ground.

«As the object entered the sky, it was heard like a boom, a roar. Furthermore, the characteristic of this object is as if it were throwing fire ”, explained the local ufologist Javier Aliaga.

They say that after the noise, it was when a strange creature “similar to the chupacabra” was seen wandering in the streets, which chased children and young people who were in the area. They say that it left visible marks of its passage, that it was no known animal, and then it fled.

According to the locals, a couple of hours after the disappearance of the little being, the light that had descended was turned off leaving circular marks in the grass as evidence of its landing.

Aliaga points out that the incident deserves a serious investigation, and requested scientific support to analyze the footprints. Meanwhile, the most affected witnesses received psychological care.

Source: ARV / Telemundo.

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