The Strange Bigfoot Encounter: Strange Texts, Missing Items, And Strange Feeling Of Fear

The Strange Bigfoot Encounter: Strange Texts, Missing Items, And Strange Feeling Of Fear

The Strange Bigfoot Encounter: Strange Texts, Missing Items, And Strange Feeling Of Fear

This unique story of this strange Bigfoot encounter was told in a podcast by American cryptozoologist Steve Isdal a few months ago. He does not name the author but indicates that he is 73 years old, that he is from Canada and is now retired, but once worked as a nuclear physicist.

The Narration Of The Bigfoot Encounter By The Witness

“Over the years, traveling and working in many different countries, I have seen Bigfoot many times, but always on the screen of one or another video surveillance system at a nuclear facility.

For some unknown reason, nuclear installations, especially military ones, seem to be of particular interest to these creatures. Whether on a civilian side or a military facility, these creatures regularly attempt (and sometimes succeed) through the fence of those facilities.

I have been to many places where the alarm sounded due to the entry of an unauthorized person. And in a very small number of cases, Bigfoot was the intruder, sometimes several such creatures.

I’ve seen them somehow get past two, sometimes three, barriers before the guards get to them. Often you could see how they climb over the fence, and they are not afraid if it is energized. But the strange thing is that I never saw them go back. 

Over the past 40 years, I have either watched it on TV or seen it in a log book more than 30 times. This sight is shocking, although not particularly frightening, simply because it is a bit like watching a TV show. 

I have seen it live twice in Canada at the Macy’s Bay Nuclear Power Plant in New Brunswick, but it has happened all over the world. When recording this violation, for security purposes, such cases are usually recorded by the guards as “curious teenagers who ran away without gaining access” and this line is underlined.

But the most exciting incident happened to this man, not during the years of work, but when he was already retired and living in Wales, UK. It was October 15, 2020.

“I always try to set aside time every day for a short 4-8 mile hike on a mountain trail near my house. I usually drive the car 5 miles to the forest, then leave it at the edge of the forest and continue on foot. 

The nature here is very similar to the places in Canada where I grew up, although the mountain is not very high, it is at an altitude of 730 meters above sea level. It’s a pretty steep trail, but it gives me a great workout.

That day I walked my usual four miles, sat down on my usual big rock where I had stopped many times to sit, pulled out a thermos, and was about to pour myself some tea when I realized that I was not alone.

The Strange Bigfoot Encounter: Strange Texts, Missing Items, And Strange Feeling Of Fear

No more than 40, maybe 50 meters away from me was a very muscular man who seemed to be doing some kind of exercise there. He stood between two trees, with his back to me, and jumped quite high, as if trying to touch the branches high up in the tree.

He jumped like this three or four times, each time jumping a little higher. He made no sound other than a loud noisy gasp every time he jumped up and down. And then I suddenly realized that there was something wrong with his movements. 

With every jump he made, his upper body seemed to become transparent, disappearing. I could clearly see the foliage where his upper body should have been, and when he jumped with his arm outstretched, both of his arms, head and chest, almost to the waist, became transparent.

When I realized this was happening, I just thought to myself, how the hell does he do this trick? Then he suddenly stopped his jumps and turned to face me. He was staring at me very intently, a look that sent chills down my spine. 

I don’t know how long we looked at each other. It could have taken five seconds, but it could have been five minutes or five hours. It seemed like an eternity had passed. One thing I know for sure: the look seemed to be full of pure hatred, but I could not take my eyes off him. 

I can’t say exactly what happened next. I think he took a few steps back into the trees, still staring at me, and hid behind a tree. I think he hid from me because one minute he was there and the next he was gone. However, I could see part of his body. The tree did not cover it completely.

I immediately thought of Bigfoot, but damn it, this is Wales. We don’t have these creatures here. Canada and many other places in the world, yes. My father-in-law has told me about many of the strange things he has experienced in his life, especially in the western part of Vancouver Island. However, I had no doubt that what I was looking at was definitely Sasquatch. 

I have seen these creatures many times and they are all slightly different in appearance. Some of them are tall and some are not. There are probably teenagers, relatively short in stature. Some are reddish-brown, others have all sorts of coat colors from dark cream to black. 

The only thing they all have in common is their very muscular physique. What I got a good look at as he turned completely to face me, staring straight at me for those seconds, was his physique. He had an incredibly broad body with very strongly pronounced muscles in the legs, arms, chest, even in the middle of the ribs, his body seemed huge. 

I would not like to even guess how broad his shoulders were, and the fingers of his hand on his left hand were below the knee. The other hand was outstretched, touching the branch.

As we looked at each other, I realized that what I thought was second-hand clothing was fur or hair, growing very thickly on the head and shoulders, but less dense on the rest of it. The main thought that went through my mind was how fucking ugly he was, and the look he gave me was one of pure evil, absolute total hatred. 

I also realized that my whole body was trembling. A wave of pure terror made my body tremble terribly, and worst of all, I dropped my cup when I tried to get off the rock, but I just couldn’t move a single muscle. All I could think about was getting out of there. The more I tried to move, the more the shaking became, and I felt weak as a child. 

I have never seen any of them up close and personal in the flesh. I had no desire to stay in this place. I wanted my body to get away from here, but I couldn’t move a single muscle.

I suddenly started crying. I had never experienced such emotions in my life, and here I was sitting on a stone in the middle of a forest clearing, sobbing from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t cry hard enough than then. I was in complete hysterics, and my sides hurt. I put all my heart and soul into tears. As a child, I cried so hard that I vomited from trying to stop it. 

I have no idea how long I sobbed before I just stopped. I wiped my eyes, got up from my stone seat, and there was no other thought in my head but to get the hell out of there.

When I got up, I realized that I was not at the same place where I originally stopped. I definitely sat down on a familiar rock, but the rock I got up from was about two and a half miles closer to the entrance path to the forest. The realization of this caused me another wave of fear. I just had to get back to where I parked and get back home. 

I got up off the rock easily enough, which was comforting in a way. I had taken no more than two steps when I realized that my foot was in terrible pain because one of my shoes had been taken off my foot. I returned to the stone and began to look for shoes. I didn’t find anything. I also realized that one of my socks was also missing. Not on the foot of my missing shoe, but on the other foot that still had the shoe on. 

Then messages began to arrive on my mobile phone, which was in my jacket pocket. As I walked as fast as I could, wearing only my shoes, the damn phone kept playing the same message arrival melody over and over again. I received messages at great speed. 

When I took my phone out of my pocket, the first thing I noticed was the time. I expected the time to be only a few minutes later than when I sat on the rock, but more than an hour and eight minutes have passed since I sat on the rock. My eyes were still too watery to even see who I was getting all those damn messages from. So I put the phone back in my pocket and continued to drag myself back to the car.

I was still getting messages when I finally got to the car, got in, started up and left the place. The sound of incoming messages continued until I was about half a mile from home. I drove home as fast as I could, but probably no more than 20 miles per hour. I just couldn’t bring myself to go faster. My whole body was trembling. Every bone in my body ached. I just had to blink like crazy to keep my eyes clear.

I got home, called my son who lives about 300 meters away from me, made a cup of tea and still felt completely out of my element. Worst feeling I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. I’ve worked in war zones, some really dangerous places in the world, but the fear I had and still have was absolutely overwhelming. 

My son arrived. By the way, he is a family expert on everything that smells remotely of conspiracy theories, be it Bigfoot or government cover-ups. He told me that I looked like I saw a group of ghosts at once. He said that I was more than pale. I was almost white. 

He also noticed that I was trembling violently as I tried to tell my story. He didn’t rebuff anything I said, in fact he went a little overboard doing his detective work, asking more questions than I had answers. 

Finally, after some time of interrogation, I remembered about the messages on the phone, but when I took it out, my son snatched my phone from me and was absorbed by it for ages. Every time I asked who wrote it, he raised his hand to stop me from asking questions.

Finally he returned the phone to me and I felt the fear again, which made me tremble again. I was frightened like never before since this creature started looking at me. 

Every message I received, all 78 of them were “Welcome to…” from different countries around the world. The first message welcomed me to Ireland, followed by Greenland, Canada, America, Japan… There were 78 “welcome” messages in total from 26 countries. Canada has welcomed me four times. USA three times. Russia eleven. Georgia, Nigeria, Namibia, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia etc, 

All of them, without exception, were sent at the same minute.

My son at this point was probably as pale as me. The next thing that happened threw me even more fear, if that’s possible. When I finally went to bed that night, I undressed, threw my only remaining shoe and sock in the trash, and realized that my underpants were turned inside out and worn backwards. They followed my boot and sock into the wastebasket damn fast. 

The next day, everything from the basket went to the landfill. I really didn’t know what to do next. Should I go to the doctor, call the police, at least do something? I didn’t sleep a wink that night and the next day was just as bad. 

I still, to this day, can’t get the creature’s gaze out of my head. I also bruised the top of my head and toes as I walked down the gravel road back to my car. I cut my foot badly and my whole body felt like I was playing hard rugby. I was equally concerned about text messages.

My son suggested that I contact my cell phone company and ask about them. Perhaps they would have a reasonable explanation for me. I tried all the ways to make copies of all the texts that I had. I looked online to see if there was an easy way to do this, but the optimal method seemed to be to take a screenshot of each one separately. I tried, but I just seemed stupid doing one at a time, and it was hard to tell what order they came in. 

My son then suggested that I call the telephone company. They certainly have some way to help save all these texts. I called them three days later, explained what I wanted and very politely asked if she could help. She said they would have recordings, but she wasn’t sure what they would include. She promised to inform me of any decision as soon as possible.

The next day I got a call back from there and asked if I needed these tapes for a lawsuit or for any other legal reasons. I said that my phone was acting very strange and I had a whole bunch of messages and I wanted to write them down. 

The man asked a few more questions, went into detail about security, and then asked me again why I needed them. He also mentioned that my phone seemed to be misbehaving and what I thought might have happened with all those notifications that I thought didn’t concern it. 

So, I just told him that I was going to check my phone and I needed these specific records. He asked me about the details of my phone that I thought they had written down anyway, like the serial number and other things. I got a little mad at him and told him to just send me the damn copies of the messages and bill me for it.

Finally he said he would print out the slips today and I would get them for free in about five days.

When I woke up the next morning, my Samsung S7 phone had mysteriously factory reset. I wasn’t able to get any of my data back. Even my phone book and contacts. Nothing. 

It scared me as much as everything else. Is it possible at all or is it pure coincidence that my phone updated itself. You may also guess that I never received any copies of the messages from the telephone company. 

My life is almost at a standstill now. I went to a psychologist twice while he diagnosed me with PTSD. I don’t think he believes a word of what I told him. He just accepted that I had some kind of traumatic experience.”

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