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Romasanta: The Only Documented Case Of A “Real Werewolf”

This is the case of a Spanish criminal psychopath, named Manuel Blanco Romasanta, registered as clinical lycopene.

Romasanta: The Only Documented Case Of A "Real Werewolf"
Recreation of Romasanta’s face.

According to the documents on Rosamant’s case, he committed at least 13 murders, which he confessed.

He was not executed at that time because it was ruled as the first and only registered case of clinical lycopene in a human being.

Romasanta: The Werewolf of Spain

It happened in the 19th century, This wretched case soon became a headache for the local police. For the investigators, capturing this psychopath exceeded their expectations.

Not only did this man display intelligence far superior to average assassins, but he also did so in a grotesque and ruthless manner.

During the 16 years it took the police to capture him, he had women and children as his preference. In total, there were 13 homicides which led to the conviction of “Garrote Vil”, however, this was not carried out.

But who was Manuel Blanco Romasanta? He was born in the village of Regueiro, Esgos, Oruense, the son of Manuel Blanco and Maria Romasanta. Curiously, at birth, he was thought to be a girl and was baptized as Manuela.

His height did not exceed 137 cm. His fine features, coming to be considered “cute.” He worked as a tailor until the death of his wife in which he had no intervention.

After this event and at the age of 24 years and a height of 137 centimeters tall with tender features helped him to dedicate himself to commerce and he became a street vendor in Galicia. Where it was believed that he sold an ointment based on human fat.

During his travels as a salesman, he was accused of having murdered the Ponferrada sheriff. Surprisingly, he managed to escape from police custody and took refuge in a town living with the cattle.

Later he reappeared in Rebordechao, Ourense, and continued murdering women and children, always managing to evade the police with ease. He even left Galicia using a false passport.

He was captured in Nombella, Toledo after day laborers identified the “werewolf.” After his capture, he was tried in Allariz, Ourense.

He was considered a real “Werewolf”.

Why Was He Considered A Lycanthrope?

In the statements given by Romasanta he said:

«The first time I transformed was on the mountain of Couso . I came across two big fierce looking wolves. Suddenly, I fell to the ground, I began to feel convulsions, I wallowed three times uncontrollably and within seconds I was a wolf myself .

I spent five days hanging around with the other two, until I regained my body. We attacked and ate several people because we were hungry.

In the so-called “Cause against the werewolf”, 6 doctors and psychiatrists certified his legal sanity.

After this, ROMASANTA confessed not to have any curse, but a disease. Also, he remembered everything that had happened when he was transformed back into a human.

This declaration was decisive to receive a sentence on April 6, 1853, condemning him to pay a fine of 1,000 reales per victim and to die in the “vile garrote.”

When the execution of the sentence was about to take place, the French hypnotist Joseph Pierre Durand de Gros, better known as “Mr. Philips’ and convinced Queen Elizabeth II to give him a life sentence and offered to cure him.

Mr. Philips was convinced to cure Romasanta, considering him a wretch who suffered from a kind of monomania recognized by ancient doctors as lycanthropy.

The queen agreed, and according to recent research, the werewolf did not die in the vile club, he died in a prison in Ceuta in 1863 of stomach cancer.

Was it really a werewolf or on the contrary, was it a vile trick of a psychopath? Romasanta’s life has served as an inspiration for novels, films, documentaries, and legends. Being one of the greatest mysteries of Spain to date.

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