UFO Spotted Near The Crew Dragon Capsule From The Inspiration4 Mission

The unidentified object appeared inadvertently in one of the episodes uploaded to Netflix that records the experience of the first fully civilian crew in space.

While one of the crew, engineer Chris Sembroski, aims the camera to show the impressive view of our planet offered by the dome of the ship, an object is seen at full speed (from the right to the left of the scene).

‘The UFO is long and looks metallic. It curves and turns several times, which is impossible for any natural object. This is 100% proof that it is a UFO. Only an intelligently controlled ship could perform such maneuvers, ”said ufologist Scott Warring, who has already reported the case to MUFON. “NASA knows about these UFOs but refuses to let the public know. They want to suppress the information, as extraterrestrial contact could turn any country into a dominant world power overnight. ‘

The object in question can be seen in chapter 5, minute 37 and 18 seconds of the mission documentary Inspiration4 ( Countdown ) on Netflix (not yet available in Latin America). Here is the excerpt:

It should be noted that this is not the first time a UFO sighting has been reported for this mission. Previously, something of similar characteristics had been seen in a video uploaded to Instagram by Sembroski himself.

Both this time and this time, theories range from space debris and reflections in the glass of the dome to an alien spacecraft watching dizzyingly over the four civilian and commercial SpaceX astronauts – and perhaps hailing the first fully tourist mission in orbit-.

Source: UFO Sightings Daily

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