The Creepy Los Angeles Suicide Bridge: Suicide Hotspot And Paranormal Encounters

Los Angeles is one of the world’s largest cities, a sprawling metropolis that serves as both the
heart of the entertainment industry and a tourist magnet for visitors from all over the world. There are areas with an otherworldly aura- mystical, odd, and enigmatic, where something inexplicable is continually happening, just as there are in many huge cities. In this article, we take a look at the creepy incidents and cases of the famous Los Angeles suicide bridge.

The Creepy Los Angeles Suicide Bridge

The Creepy Los Angeles Suicide Bridge

The 45-meter-high bridge on Colorado Street in Pasadena is one such location that has developed a fairly frightening reputation over the years. In terms of design, it’s not much different from other local bridges, but it is believed by many that this bridge is possessed by some dark force. Ever since 1919, people have been flocking here to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge.

Suicides continued in the following decades, and soon rumors began to circulate here that there was something in the area around the bridge that attracted people who wanted to kill themselves. The bridge has had over 150 suicides occur. As per the reports, approximately 50 of these incidents occurred during the Great Depression. The rest have happened in the decades since, with a wave of 28 occurring between 2006-2016.

There have been reports that when a person who was about to commit suicide was standing on the edge of the bridge, and he had changed his mind. However, when he decided to return home, he was unable to walk away from the edge as if something was dragging him there and forcing him to jump. It was reported that only a select handful was able to successfully navigate the situation and escape without injury. Many bridges appear to be ideal locations for suicide, but this one has seen far too many victims.

“There are over 100 documented cases of suicide in this place – more than a hundred people jumped off the bridge. The city officials really do not like this figure, as it imposes a bad name on the entire neighborhood, so when the suicide count goes over a hundred, the authorities” “They knock the data down, making them smaller. So we have to take into account that the real number of suicides in this place is much higher than they officially say. And they continue, regardless of the installed fences.”

A local Journalist

To no one’s surprise, the Suicide Bridge has become the most well-known nickname for this structure. It also appears as though this bridge does not want to let go of its victims, even after they have passed away. Witnesses have reported seeing weird “shadow figures” on the bridge, which appeared to be flying down and disappearing as they approached the edge of the bridge and leaped over the fence.

The Creepy Los Angeles Suicide Bridge

Several more times a young woman was seen here, who is famous for crossing the bridge right in front of driving cars and suddenly disappears. Only then did the drivers realize that they had seen a ghost. The dark space under the bridge also has the reputation of being haunted. Repeatedly curious people climbed there and heard a strange whisper of disembodied voices, and they also saw how lights turn on and off by themselves under the bridge:

“It was night, and I was walking with a friend through a tunnel under the bridge. A series of six lanterns illuminate that path, and when we passed the first lantern, it suddenly went out. When we passed the second, the second also went out. Each lantern went out as we passed By the time we got to the end, there was complete darkness behind us.”

An eyewitness

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