Roswell : tourists for the first time will be given the opportunity to visit the crash site of the UFO (Rosewell open for tourists)

For the first time in history, oridnary people will be given the opportunity to visit exactly the place where the alien aircraft allegedly crashed in 1947. As part of the annual celebration of this legendary event, the current owners of the land on which the crash occurred, said that they offer for the first time an exclusive excursion to the place where the ship with the aliens crashed.(Rosewell open for tourists)

Rosewell open for tourists
The newspaper with the first report of the incident in Roswell. Photos of Roswell Daily Record

In the summer of 2018, the so-called “The Roswell incident”Is already 71 years old. It is described as a supposed UFO crash in the desertNew Mexico, about 105 kilometers from the town of Roswell. It was there that the owner of the ranch William Brazel discovered in July, 1947 scattered fragments on the Foster ranch, which he immediately informed the local sheriff. The same, in turn, informed the RAF base in Roswell (RAAF), whose specialists analyzed the wreckage and announced in a press statement that the elements that remained after the crash undoubtedly belonged to a broken “flying saucer”. However, soon after that, such a statement was withdrawn and amended, and it was now asserted that this was a fallen meteorological probe. This strange behavior of the US Air Force, on the one hand, and the numerous witnesses who allegedly saw the fallen alien ship, parts from it or even the corpses of crew members, on the other, caused controversial discussions that continue to this day.(Rosewell open for tourists)

A small community Roswellmarks this legendary event this year from July 6 to 9 as part of the “Roswell UFO Festival,” which has been regularly organized for many decades. Last year it was visited by 38 thousand people from 43 American states and 16 different countries of the world. And now the owners of the ranch, which previously belonged to William Brazel, announced that solely in the weekend of the festival will be held a one-time excursion to the site of the UFO crash. This proposal deserves special attention, because the territory around the ranch, despite the huge number of tourists coming to the Roswell Festival every July in July, has always remained closed and access to them has been strictly prohibited.(Rosewell open for tourists)

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Those who take part in the tour will be offered authentic Mexican food, as well as various “interactive opportunities” at the crash site. But, probably, the most attractive for UFO researchers is the possibility of inspecting the ranch on which William Brazel once lived, and where in 1947 some parts of the UFO were allegedly kept for a short time. The members of the group will also be given metal detectors with the help of which they will be able to try their luck and try to find a piece of a UFO wreck, which, it is possible, could go unnoticed for seven decades in the sand.(Rosewell open for tourists)

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