Scientists discover an Earth like planet KOI-456.04 three thousand light years away

A group of scientists who analyze the behavior of the system that surrounds the star Kepler-160 discovered that the orbit of one of the planet KOI-456.04 is almost identical to that of the Earth and the Sun.

The research was published at Cornell University and belongs to astrophysicists from the Max Planck Institute, the Sonneberg Observatory, the University of Gottingen, the University of California at Santa Cruz, and NASA.

Specialists grasped that the exoplanet named KOI-456.04 has an orbit period of 378 days , and is at a distance from its star that could allow the temperature of the planetary surface to be conducive to life, as is the case with Earth and the Sun.

At a distance of just over 3,000 light years from the solar system , the Kepler-160 star was located in the field of view of Kepler’s main mission and was continuously observed from 2009 to 2013. Its radius, its surface temperature, and its Stellar luminosity similar to that of the Sun make it an almost parallel astrophysical mirror of our system.


The star was located six years ago and from that moment two exoplanets were captured: Kepler-160b and Kepler-160c, both much larger than Earth and with orbits far from its luminous nucleus.

From the Kepler-160c variations, scientists noticed that there was one more planet. This is how they arrived at KOI-456.04, through searching through a new algorithm, repeated variations of brightness in the stars.

Orbit of KOI-456.04

According to the research, KOI-456.04 has an orbital period of 378 days, with an insolation very similar to Earth on the part of its star , both in terms of the amount of light received and in terms of the color of the light, according to Chronicle published .

“Our enhancement is particularly important in searching for small Earth-sized planets. The planetary signal is so weak that it is almost completely hidden in the noise of the data. Our new search mask is slightly better at separating a true signal exoplanetary noise in critical cases, “said René Heller, scientist at the Max Planck Institute and lead author of the study.

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