Aliens watch us in a galactic zoo controlled by them, say scientists

We have not yet been able to find them but they, the aliens, have already found us a long time ago … and put in a sort of quarantine or “galactic zoo”.

galactic zoo

This is one of the possibilities considered by a group of scientists who met this week in Paris to discuss the reason why we have not yet made contact with other intelligences.

As reported by Forbes , scientists from all disciplines met at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industriem museum in Paris to try to explain Fermi’s paradox.(galactic zoo)

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In this context, the researchers of the METI organization (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) proposed that extraterrestrial civilizations superior to ours are avoiding contacting and making themselves known to humanity on purpose.(galactic zoo)

The reason: our species could not deal with the reality of not being alone.

“It’s as if the aliens were imposing a” galactic quarantine “because they realize that knowing them would completely upset our culture,” says Jean-Pierre Rospars, research director at the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique.

“Cognitive evolution on Earth shows random characteristics while following predictable paths. It can be said that the repeated emergence of intelligent species in the universe is something to be expected, “he explains.

To break the silence, researchers believe that we should consider using more direct techniques.(galactic zoo0

galactic zoo

Douglas Vakoch, president of the METI, makes an analogy that puts humanity like a zebra in the zoo that suddenly looks at visitors and hits the ground with its hoof repeating prime numbers.

Such unusual behavior would undoubtedly provoke some kind of response from the observer or at least lead him to re-evaluate the intelligence of the animal.

“Maybe the aliens are looking at us in the same way we look at the animals in the zoo. The question is how can we make the guardian reveal himself to us, “he says.

So far SETI communication attempts with radio signals have been unsuccessful and, although more modern initiatives like Breakthrough Listen promise, the truth is that it does not seem to depend on us and that is perhaps the most chilling thing …

Although it is also the most logical. If the aliens visited or visited us, it is evident that they control the level of contact with primitive civilizations such as ours and not vice versa, as they suggest.

The idea is not new. Within the field of the study of UFOs the analogy of the “zoo” has been debated very seriously for decades. It is enough to remember the ex-Spanish Catholic priest and ufologist Salvador Freixedo and his “human farm”.

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  1. We were created, observed, monitored and controlled with intelligence dosing for the purpose of populating the entire multiverse.

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