Why NASA was quick to delete a picture? (deleted picture of mars )

For the next batch of photos sent by the rover Curiosity and posted on the official website of NASA on June 12 this year, a virtual archaeologist Mauricio Ruiz discovered a strange object, which in any way can not be confused with stones or refer to pareydolicheskuyu illusion(deleted picture of mars)

Firstly, the object was clearly man-made, something like a landed or crashed aircraft . Secondly, it led to the tracks of the rover – a fact that indicates that NASA employees are very interested in this deal, and so they sent her Curiosity.(deleted picture of mars)

Fortunately, independent researchers copied these pictures knowing that they can be removed at any moment by NASA, which is what happened with this mysterious picture – it soon disappeared from the site of the American space agency and a black blank was being shown instead. Notable in this story, and it turned out after Mauricio Ruiz requested NASA, to explain, agency staff, surprisingly gave the answer online to the archaeologist. And it also proves that the picture is not simple, and how it was leaked on the agency’s resource page.

deleted picture of mars

The official reply from NASA stated that the photos simply moved to another site and included a link – where. Mauricio Ruiz went on to find a very different picture, or rather, very well edited version of the old one, which was impossible to comprehend.

In response,  NASA officials also indicated that the photo he allegedly saw was of the broken earth spacecraft that crashed on December 22, 2004 landing on the surface of the Red Planet. As an official statement about this accident was never reported,

And again the puzzle: unlikely NASA officials began to give out the secret of the collapse of Earth’s secret apparatus, if it was really – it was easier to be  silent like always. Something here is not right, at least, Mauricio Ruiz is sure of it.

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