Seismologists warn that a mega-earthquake could shake the planet at any time

2016 was a year of surprises and historical records, and not only because of the political elections in the United States , but because of all kinds of catastrophes that ravaged our planet. But certainly 2016 was also known as the year of earthquakes , with a dramatic increase in seismic activity. A 6.4-magnitude earthquake shook the northeast of the city of Pingtung, south of Taiwan. The earthquake caused about 117 deaths and hundreds of injuries. The center of Italy was shaken by three strong earthquakes in just three months. On August 24 a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck southeast of Norcia, Italy. Hundreds of people died. And again in October, when two strong earthquakes with only 2 hours difference made the center of the country tremble.



Also New Zealand, where a powerful earthquake of 7.8 degrees magnitude shook northeast of Christchurch on November 14. Two hours after the initial earthquake, waves up to 2 meters high reached the coast. The island continued to tremble over the hundreds of replicas. Authorities reported two deaths, and much of the rural landscape was devastated by the powerful earthquake. But there is more … A powerful earthquake shook northern Japan on November 21, generating a small tsunami that hit the Japanese nation. These are just some of the strong earthquakes that have shaken our planet in 2016, but 2017 is being unusually active in seismic events . The year began with a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in the Pacific Ocean, followed by others in Indonesia, Italy, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan … Or the most recent, in Switzerland and Spain. The latter occurred in the Spanish community of Navarre, a seismic movement of magnitude 4.4, with epicenter in the Navarrese town of Odieta, about 12 kilometers north of Pamplona.

The scientific community does not explain why all these earthquakes are being followed, but some experts on the subject are clear: A mega-earthquake of apocalyptic proportions is looming.

They are not prophecies, the scientists warn us

Scientists are really concerned about the seismic rise on our fragile planet. Roger Bilham, a seismologist at the University of Colorado, has long warned that current conditions could trigger at least four earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 8 . Bilham is convinced that the strain accumulated centuries ago could provoke mega-catastrophic earthquakes.




Part of the explanation, apart from the countries affected by being in the Pacific Ring of Fire, is that there are 38 active volcanoes around the world , including recent eruptions of the Sicilian volcano Etna, the largest in Europe, or the volcano of Fire in Guatemala. And the worst of all is that imminent earthquakes could be preceded by powerful tsunamis.

The devastation of Los Angeles

But Southern California could possibly take the worst part. At any moment a major earthquake could destroy Los Angeles , according to a new study published by the United States Geological Survey. The researchers found that megaterdrops occur on average every 100 years. The last major earthquake occurred 160 years ago, a catastrophic geological event that “broke” about 300 kilometers from the San Andrés fault.

According to the researchers, the area on both sides of the fault is pressed with one another at a rate of more than two centimeters a year since 1857, so that the accumulation of energy will be released suddenly in a major earthquake . An earthquake similar to that of 1857 could damage aqueducts that transport water in southern California to the north, and disrupt power lines and destroy all forms of communication. The center of Los Angeles could experience a movement never seen before. But not only would it affect California, the earthquake could trigger other flaws in the world, which in turn would cause earthquakes in many countries , causing a large-scale catastrophe . The effects would be unpredictable,



The elite is ready

Experts have expressed concern that the increase in global seismic activity could portend large catastrophic earthquakes . And it seems that governments are already preparing. As we published in Esoteric and Paranormal World, the global elite has stepped up preparations to survive impending catastrophic natural disasters. Some billionaires are moving away from large urban centers to remote areas with underground luxury survival bunkers.


One of the companies in charge of preparing the elite to survive the apocalypse is Living. The US company builds facilities exclusively for the protection of individuals with a high purchasing power who want to survive the apocalypse. The largest facility is  “Europa One” , which is located in Germany. Vivos officials describe it as one of the most fortified underground survival shelters on Earth, far beneath a limestone mountain with private security. And all protected by sealed walls and armored doors.

The underground complex includes more than 21,108 square meters of living rooms with all kinds of amenities, and with an additional 4,079 square meters with apartments, warehouses, and even with its own train station. Although most frightening of all is that “Europa One” is already in full working order , so that previously selected families can autonomously survive any catastrophe for several years without needing to return to the surface. It seems that the selection would already have begun, although the population will not participate in the draw.

Are you ready for the impending mega-earthquake?

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