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The Alien Abduction of Police Officer Sergio Puchetta

This terrible story happened in Argentina, near the city of General Pico, in March 2006 with 28-year-old policeman Luis Sergio Puchetta with the rank of corporal.

Sergio Puchetta

The Disappearance of Police officer Sergio Puchetta

It was a typical Thursday evening when Sergio Puchetta, on a routine patrol in the countryside, called his station and said he urgently needed reinforcements.

He managed to tell where he was now and passed out. But when other police officers arrived at the named place near the road, they found Puchetta’s abandoned motorcycle, helmet, walkie-talkie, service weapon, and even some parts of his uniform, but Puchetta himself was nowhere to be found.

Objects of Sergio Puchetta found at the scene
Objects of Sergio Puchetta found at the scene

An emergency search was organized with the involvement of police from neighboring areas and after 18 hours Puchetta was found approximately 20 km from where his motorcycle remained. He was accidentally discovered by a local farmer when he walked past a ditch in a field. Puchetta sat in the ditch, huddled in a ball, and did not react to the farmer’s words. 

On the Internet, you can find photos of the policeman’s abandoned belongings, the fields where he was found, and the immediate location where Puchetta was found. The pictures show another police officer (named Quique Mario) patting Puchetta on the head, comforting him, and asking him what happened.

“I talked to him, trying to get him to react. I told him that the head of the Second Regional Directorate was standing next to him and that he should help him. Then I suggested that he relax with a simple breathing exercise, doing it by inhaling through the nose and exhale through the mouth. 

Gradually Puchetta began to relax and I was able to examine his hands without detecting any abnormalities. The same thing happened to his head, although I couldn’t see his face. He said that his eyes were burning and he constantly covered his face.

As he extended his lower limbs, he began to talk abruptly, stating “I’ve been watched all night.” To the question “who?” he replied that “there were two of them… they had red eyes…” He began to tell “They seemed transparent… and they had red eyes… with eyes that gave me a headache.. .They told me what I should do… they called me on the phone… they said that tonight they would come looking for me…”, says Quique Mario.

Sergio Puchetta Found
Sergio Puchetta Found

Sergio Puchetta was taken to Centeno Hospital, where it was discovered that, apart from severe emotional distress, he showed no signs of physical abuse. 

Gradually Puchetta came to his senses and soon a sensational article appeared in the local newspaper in which he told an extremely unusual story. He said that he was contacted by two short humanoid creatures with red eyes who gave him orders using telepathy. After that, he called the police station.

But he remembered with great difficulty what happened next. He said that he was trying to escape from these creatures, and then suddenly he somehow ended up in a ditch 20 km from the previous location. And he was scared.

The police tried to investigate Puchetta and quickly found his tracks leading from the motorcycle. But after about four kilometers the tracks disappeared. It remains unclear whether Puchetta disappeared into thin air, or whether he abruptly turned into the nearest grass field, causing his tracks to be lost. 

At the same time, it was known that Puchetta had previously always been distinguished by impeccable behavior and did not have any mental problems. And it was revealed that a few days before his disappearance, he reported seeing strange lights in the sky in the same area.

Puchetta eventually concluded that the aliens he saw had abducted him and while in captivity he had suffered some kind of terrible traumatic experience that affected his psyche, but which he could never remember. However, he remembered something:

“I felt like I was inside my mother’s belly and then I started remembering things from my childhood. It was like it was my life in slow motion, I don’t know how long it lasted.”

Then he had the feeling that he had woken up from a dream, and it was then that he noticed the presence of a large black block nearby, the height of which was approximately 3 by 3 meters. “I was very scared,” says Puchetta, noting that “the block levitated,” and when he tried to get closer, it disappeared.

“A light came on above my head and I felt like I was lying on something hot that was making my feet hurt. A voice told me to calm down and said that I was going to meet my daughter… and then they showed me my daughter who has not yet been born.”

During the investigation, many strange things were discovered. One was that all these 18 hours while they were looking for him, Puchetta did not eat or drink anything, this was discovered at the hospital. But for some reason, his body did not show signs of dehydration. Another strange thing was the rain. When Puchetta was found, his clothes were completely dry and not even dirty, but it had rained heavily in the area two hours earlier. 

There is little information about what happened to Puchetta next. What is known is that he was so badly injured that he was unable to fully recover and could no longer work as a police officer. In 2013, he decided to retire.

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