UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA NEWS A mysterious perfectly square cloud appears over Arizona, are you controlling the weather?

For those who are not yet familiar with the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) project, it is a US military defense program. Little known, but very important that has generated considerable controversy over the years in conspiracy circles. Although denied by HAARP officials, some researchers have long warned of the secret capabilities of electromagnetic warfare. Others have even claimed that the HAARP can and has been used for climate modification, to cause earthquakes and tsunamis, to disrupt global communications systems, and much more.(square cloud appears over Arizona)

The main aspects of the program are kept secret for alleged reasons of “national security” . However, there is no doubt that HAARP exists and electromagnetic weapons capable of being used in the event of war. And apparently, since it started operating in 1993, strange supposedly natural phenomena have been occurring in many parts of our planet. Like the mysterious square-shaped cloud that has appeared over Arizona, which has provoked all sorts of theories among conspiracy theorists, including the possibility that the United States Air Force (USAF) is controlling the weather.(square cloud appears over Arizona)

Mysterious cloud over Arizona(square cloud appears over Arizona)

In a video recently published on social networks you can see a mysterious cloud about the US state of Arizona. Due to its perfectly square shape, the conspiracy theorists are convinced that this is evidence of how the United States has once again tested the HAARP.

The images show a large cloud that is perfectly cut to the shape of a square that covers much of the sky. When the camera moves, the cloud seems to have perfectly sectioned corners at 90 degrees , which gives it the shape of a square. Although there is very little information about this mysterious phenomenon that occurred in Arizona, it has not prevented it from becoming viral in social networks like Facebook, with users suggesting several theories to explain the presence of perfectly square cloud.(square cloud appears over Arizona)

Are they controlling the weather?

Most people who watched the video said that the strange cloud was created by the HAARP project. Experts in the field say that the signals issued by the Research Program of Aurora Activa High Frequency leave a very clear and visible signature, as the phenomenon occurred in Arizona.

Apparently, radio frequency transmissions are used to manipulate meteorological systems, cloud formations and concentrated air stream patterns. The electrically conductive heavy metal nanoparticles (which geoengineers constantly spray in our atmosphere) are manipulated with the global network of radio frequency transmitters, which meteorologists also control.(square cloud appears over Arizona)

The square cloud formations are not the only indication of this madness of climate engineering. Voids in the clouds are also a telltale sign of climate manipulation, since nature does not make 90-degree corners in weather systems. Not to mention that the composition of many “clouds” that can be seen in the satellite photos are also the result of a strong saturation of atmospheric aerosols.

The Blue Beam Project or a natural phenomenon?

There are also other conspiracy theorists who argue that the square-shaped cloud was created to hide “something” that is happening in the heavens. Some even claim that these clouds are the visible example of the Blue Beam Project , also known as the false alien invasion.(square cloud appears over Arizona)

mysterious square cloud arizona - A mysterious perfectly square cloud appears over Arizona, are you controlling the weather?

However, experts say that square clouds are a natural phenomenon, and there is nothing strange about it. Meteorologists say that clouds like this are simply a strangely shaped wake, man-made clouds formed by water vapor that comes out of the engine of an airplane as it flies. But while stelae usually appear as two thin bands that trace the progress of an airplane in the sky, a set of atmospheric conditions transforms the clouds into a floating rectangle.

It seems that meteorologists always have an answer for everything, even for the unusual phenomena. Of course, in the end you are the one who decides whether to believe the official version or forms part of the small group of people that see beyond.

Is the mysterious square cloud of Arizona a new proof of the HAARP project? Or are you one of those who believe the meteorologists’ version?

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