Shadow People

The Mysterious Shadow People: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Have you ever seen a dark shadow out of the corner of your eye and when you looked, there was absolutely nothing? Many people around the world who have written to our website about something very strange they have seen and that can only be described as: “The shadow people”. These encounters imply an entity or non-solid being, just like a shadow; Dark, transparent and fleeting. But what are they really?

Well-Documented Encounters With Shadow People

shadow people

Shadow people are a supernatural phenomenon well documented for centuries. Most stories describe them as dark humanoid silhouettes, lacking the mouth or eyes, and certainly frightening aspects.

They are usually described in the form of vapor or distortion. Their movement is often extremely fast and disjointed, they are able to move through the walls.

Those who have witnessed such supernatural entities say that they appear at the edge of their field of vision and that they disintegrate or disappear the moment they feel observed.

However, there are other people who have had encounters with these shadows right in the center of their vision, The apparition appeared very close to them, remained motionless for several seconds before disappearing.

These kinds of encounters are truly threatening and can end up in violent attacks. But most frightening of all is that in recent years there has been an unusual increase in encounters with the shadow people, giving way to interesting debates between the believers of the paranormal and the scientific community. What are shadow people and where do they come from?

Different Theories Behind The Shadow People

According to the expert on paranormal phenomena Stephen Wagner, there are several theories to explain the true origin of the shadow people:

Are They Ghosts?

Possibly the favorite theory of the experts in the subject, is that shadow people are what we mean by ghosts. Wagner believes that certain ghostly entities have the ability to adapt a dark and menacing figure. However, unlike the apparitions of ghosts, which are usually a white haze of human appearance, the shadow people are much darker and more in the form of a shadow.

Demonic entities

The dark face and a strong sense of negative energy associated with shadow people have led some researchers to speculate that they could be demonic in nature. Their origin could be the lower astral, entities that feed on negativity. Because in most encounters people were under extreme stress, these entities might have appeared to feed on negative energy.

Other evidence that they could be demonic entities, is that some people have reported seeing the shadow with horns or red eyes. Although the possibility that the astral lows would use the demonic form with the only objective to deceive and to frighten the person, and thus to be able to be feed off the energy of the fear can not be ruled out.

shadow people

Interdimensional Beings

Wagner reminds us that at present some scientists are convinced that there are different dimensions in our reality. And if these other dimensions really exist, what or who lives in them? Some experts in the subject say that these dimensions exist in parallel and very close to ours, although invisible to all of us.

And if there are people in these dimensions, they may have found a way to access our dimension and quite possibly materialize. And if so, they could very well appear in the form of shadow people. So the thousands of people who experience these frightening encounters might be seeing beings of other dimensions.

Astral Beings

An interesting idea is that shadow people are the essence of people who have experiences outside the body. According to Wagner, an astral body is a spiritual counterpart, similar to the ether of the physical body.

The body is composed of astral material and is an exact duplication of the energy of the physical form. This body of energy is connected to the physical body, by a silver cord. The astral body accompanied by the mind is able to travel during the period in which the physical body sleeps. This act is known as “astral projection”.


A hypothetical theory, though not impossible, is suggesting that the shadow person is related to the extraterrestrial phenomena and abductions. Experts recall that some victims of extraterrestrial abductions have explained that alien beings with ability to pass through walls and windows, and suddenly appear and disappear.

Skeptics say …

Skeptics say that the shadow people are the result of an overactive imagination. Sometimes our mind plays tricks on us, so our eyes would make us see things in a fraction of a second that are not really there, simple illusions. But as always, it must be said that both the scientific community and the most skeptical will never recognize the existence of these entities.

How To Protect Yourself From Shadow People?

shadow people

Leaving aside the theories, many people claim to be victims of this type of entity. And as usually, shadow people are considered negative entities, there are certain ways to protect themselves. Clairvoyant psychic Elise Defer recognized and recommended calm at the time of the terrifying encounter.

The first thing to do is to relax by taking slow and deep air through the nose, holding it briefly in the area of the solar plexus, the stomach, to release the breath through the mouth.

At this point, Elise Defer recommends closing your eyes and asking the spiritual guides and guardian angels for protection while the encounter occurs. It is necessary to imagine a beautiful white light emanating from the center of the body and slowly extending outwards to cover it from head to toe.


Unfortunately, there is no way to test theories about this so mysterious phenomenon, which happens quickly and without warning. And as science finds it virtually impossible to study this kind of supernatural phenomenon, all we can do is document the personal experiences and try to help all those who say they have come face to face with the shadow person.

Perhaps there is a logical and rational explanation or perhaps it represents the definitive evidence towards different planes of existence, but the reality is that thousands of people undergo this type of encounter daily.

Have you had any encounters with shadow people? Explain your experience.

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  1. The gnostics called them “Archons”. I have had several experiences with these beings. I have helped others who were affected by them as well. What Elise Defer suggests in your article is correct. The bottom line that people need to understand is this; being ALIVE and human, we have the advantage and should not show fear when dealing with them. Their goal is to abolish your inner light. Defend yourself with the understanding that living humans have what “they” do not…and they absolutely hate us for that. They are quite powerful, but only if you lack the understanding that we are even more powerful. These things try to blind your 3rd eye. They can and will mess with your mind, causing great oppression, addictions, or even worse for those who lack awareness. Know thyself so that other beings can’t infiltrate and control your thoughts. I pray that more people will come to realize what a gift we have in life. It is our right to defend it. Once you do, you will know peace. There really is nothing to fear and that’s the key. Stand strong.

  2. When I was about ,14-15, after a hospital stay. I was noticing something in the corner of my eyes quite often, I saw a video about these “Shadow” people, I then concluded that’s what they were as I still catch them in corner of my eye, to this day.

  3. I call this one that accompanies me my “Protector”.It’s dark stands 12 ft. tall and seems to weigh in at least 900 lbs & very shy.
    It will attack once you threaten me or provoke it.And yes, it can kill.I am ok with it residing within my home.Because,how else does one tell something so big and moves like the wind,to leave? I believe it has been assigned too me.By whom or what? I cannot say but,it is not here to harm me.
    My son who is 6’3 250lbs was yanked clear off the couch one morning,in our living room as he was sleeping in.He said that whatever grabbed his ankels had huge hands because his ankel was tiny compared to it’s hand wrapped around his ankel like it was a twig.I think that it wanted some company,and didn’t appreciate him sleeping in.Around here, we all get up early.I hear it around in my kitchen once in a while.One evening my other son heard it as well,and jokingly said;Hey! while your in the kitchen, why don’t you do the dishes?
    A few seconds later we both heard a few dishes fall from the dish holder into the sink.I told my son DON’T mess AROUND with IT.His look was priceless and he sure didn’t say anything else to provoke it after that night.
    I have had many strange things happen while I was away from my home.My friend’s and I were staying at a Sandman Inn,one year and my protector must have invited itself a long.My son had an dr.appointment and the test required him to stay awake all night long until the morning.So he did,and it was about 6 a.m. I could hear my son sitting on the office chair at the foot of my bed,that all hotel’s have.The one’s that go down when you sit on them.I heard my son get up off the chair and go into the bathroom and lock the door behind him.
    You tend to hear a lot when your waking up.So then,I heard the chair go down…waaaaay down.
    I didn’t want to pay it any mind whatsoever.
    I ignored it as usual.But, it must have got upset that we were all still sleeping.So it got up and slapped my friends foot hard as she slept on the other bed.She got mad and said to her sister sleeping next to her;Hey! DON’T slap my foot! I knew just then,that it wasn’t her sister so, I stayed under the sheets.NOPE! Don’t want any part of it…lol.But she got up to get mad at her sister when her sister says;how can I slap your foot when I’m right next to you?And she said; ohh!maybe your son slapped my foot? I said nope, my son’s still in the bathroom.She then jumped out of her bed and didn’t want to go back to sleep.I had to tell her that I heard something big and heavy sit at the foot of our beds on that office chair.She freaked tf out!! Let’s GO!! Let’s LEAVE NOW! I said ok.Then we got up,got ready amd left by 7:30 am.She was scared out of her tree.I had to return the key but before I did…I told the guy at the front desk that we were awoken by my friend getting her foot slapped and my friend adds…(hard) and the guy just looked at us like holy shit.We left and never been back since.True story.Believe it or not.
    My nephew saw it,ducking in from room to room and he jumped back so fast and high and he too,has never beem back here.
    I feel it but I just don’t pay any mind to it.
    If it wants to show itself then it will.Until then meeeh!

  4. About 8 years ago, I woke up to what I refer to as a demon standing over me. The description of the dark distorted figure that you described is what I saw. Before this for some time, I had been having terrifying nightmare every night. My husband would have to wake me up. They were evil in nature. When I awoke to this “demon”, I instinctively screamed. My husband ran back into the bedroom ( he had fallen asleep on the couch). He could see a shadow in the corner of the room on my side of the bed. I could feel the evil in my room. After I left for work, my husband discovered that the water in the bathroom connected to the bedroom was red. He checked all other toilets and spigots and water ran clear. I found a minister online who deals with people who see angels and demons. He told me how to cleanse my house. My son and I followed the instructions and I could immediately feel the air lighten in my house and the present feeling of fear and evil disappear.

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