Ghost Attack In Prison

Strange Shadowy Figure Attacked A Guard In A Prison In Gualeguaychú, Argentina

An evil entity attacked one of the guards in a prison in Gualeguaychú, Argentina, throwing him into the air and leaving scratches on his body.

Strange Shadowy Figure Attacked A Guard In A Prison In Gualeguaychú, Argentina
The Headquarters building, located at Roque Sáenz Peña 26 in the town of Entre Ríos, was built in 1843, fulfilling throughout history the functions of court, receiverships, barracks and jail, having its main modifications between the years 1875 and 1893, among which the construction of the prison pavilion stood out.

The strange event took place on Thursday in one of the dungeons of the Departmental Headquarters of Gualeguaychú, in the province of Entre Ríos, Argentina. It is a construction of more than 100 years, gloomy, where inmates are housed with preventive detention.

Around 4 in the morning, the policeman in charge of checking the cells of the Headquarters found that the detainees were extremely nervous and scared because they heard strange noises and knocks on the upper floor. What would happen next can only be described as chilling.

“Then I go up to see what’s going on,” said the 30-year-old guard when interviewed for a local radio station. «I began to go through each of the empty cells until I reached the last one, which has the walls painted with the gauchito gil. When I get to the bathroom part I feel like something is grabbing me and pushing me.”

«I begin to struggle with what seemed like a black shadow, as if hooded, whose face was not visible. I try to escape but he grabs me from the back and takes me back to the cell, causing a lot of scratches », he added, clarifying that at that time there was no inmate housed in that upper part of the prison.

Strange Shadowy Figure Attacked A Guard In A Prison In Gualeguaychú, Argentina
Some of the scratch marks left on the body of the guard after the encounter.

The policeman was frightened to the point of urinating, calling for help and yelling that something “wanted to kill him”.

Finally, he managed to “get away” and reach the stairs to go down, when one of the detainees reported seeing “like a black thing” behind the policeman while he fell “tormented and wounded.”

The victim of the entity explained that in that cell three people wanted to kill each other, and one of them could not be saved. She also said that other of her companions and the prisoners themselves have seen and heard this mysterious “dark and demonic” entity at night.

Due to this event, the guard said that he would never work again, “under any circumstances”, in that Departmental Headquarters. Then we leave you with the testimony in the first person:

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