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Andrew Dawson Posted Footage Of A Giant And Died After Claiming To Be Chased By The CIA

The fear of governments, aliens, Men in Black, and secret agencies has remained amongst the ufologists. This is because ufologists believe that their work is closely monitored by them. There have also been various reports of visits by men in black and strange threats to people who try to reveal any secrets about the government or aliens. Let’s take a look at the strange death of Andrew Dawson.

Even so, this has resulted in many murder mysteries. These concerns have recently spread into other areas of the paranormal, including cryptozoology and spiritualism. Many people are baffled by the sudden and unexplained death of a young man, Andrew Dawson, who shared a video of what looked to be a giant, then reported being pursued and threatened by unknown powers, then suddenly admitted it was a fake. So let’s dig deep into Andrew Dawson’s death mystery and try to uncover the secrets behind his death.

Andrew Dawson Posted Footage Of A Giant And Died After Claiming To Be Chased By The CIA
A Still from the video

The Strange Death Of Andrew Dawson And Video Of Giant

A video was posted on Tik Tok on April 4, 2022, by a boy named Andrew Dawson. In that video, he claims to have filmed a giant crossing the peak of Whistlers Peak Mountain in Alberta, Canada. Andrew Dawson, along with his co-worker, was driving to their work and took their regular route, a road that goes alongside the Whistlers mountain, which is located in Jasper National Park and rises to an altitude of 8,100 feet (2,470 meters).

Suddenly, Andrew Dawson’s attention was drawn by a giant who was standing or casually strolling across the peak. According to media accounts of the mysterious TikTok clip, Dawson’s coworker did not notice the figure and asked him what he was staring at, which seems strange given that Dawson was able to videotape it. However, the coworker may have been driving at the time. Nevertheless, the video gained a whopping 2 million views, but the comments section was disabled.

After the video gained popularity, Dawson became more intrigued by the creature and started posting the video on other platforms in order to get answers. In another Tik Tok video, he went to the peak of the mountain where he spotted the giant.

In that video, he wanted to show viewers the distance between the peak of the mountain and where the earlier video was shot in order to let the viewers know how huge that giant must be. He didn’t find the giant again there, but he speculated that it could be a bigfoot.

He went there several times with the hope of encountering that huge entity once more. As his curiosity grew, he started asking for sponsors, pleading for financial backing, a helicopter, a person with more sophisticated video magnifying technology, etc. He wanted to uncover all the mysteries behind the giant he had filmed. He would visit that place again and again. However, Dawson was not able to face that giant again. It was when all the strange incidents started. At that point, it seems like someone who didn’t want him to be there found him.

“I just got stopped by some CIA agent. Told me to go back. Said I was trespassing.”

Andrew Ryan Watchorn Dawson

Dawson allegedly met a “CIA agent” at The Whistlers on April 12, and he detailed the experience in a video he uploaded the same day. At first glance, Dawson just seems angry that someone was bothering him in a park without providing any evidence to suggest that the individual in question was indeed working for the government. He stated that he was curious as to why the route was closed and planned to return the next day to record any interactions. 

“Did the thing on the mountain go home?”

He did not stop there and went one step further. On the morning of April 13, Dawson got back with his dog at 5:30. This time he neither encountered the alleged CIA agent nor the Giant. But he shot a video at sunrise that showed a passenger plane.

However, he indicated that it is a UFO by playing the theme music from “The X-Files.” Moments later, he begins filming helicopters and remarking that the passing vehicles look like they’re “extracting something.” That, too, doesn’t appear to be out of the ordinary in the mountains.

Andrew Dawson Posted Footage Of A Giant And Died After Claiming To Be Chased By The CIA
A still from the second video shows a black car running after he tries to confront

Later that day when he was returning back during the night his way was blocked by someone who issued him a warning. In the next turn of events Dawson uploaded another Tik Tok video on April 17 that was titled “Being stalked” because it looks like Dawson sees a car in front of his house, and when he walks out to confront the driver, the car speeds away.

On May 6, Dawson published a video with the title “Official update,” in which he claimed to concede that the earlier films were all fakes and he was “sorry to disappoint you guys.” In that video, his video viewers found something to be fishy as Dawson was looking disturbed and his eyes were also not on the camera lens presumably at another person in the room. The thing that caused suspicion in the minds of the viewer was the first lines of the video.

“I’m not dead.” “To (sic) much has happened and i can’t be forced to be silent.”

Andrew Dawson exclaimed this at the start of the video.

Now things appeared to be not looking good for Dawson, He uploaded a video on May 16 titled “I am scared,” in which he can be seen wandering rapidly through the night. Another video was posted by him on 17th May labeled “Military” in which he asks several questions from his viewers by pointing at the peak of Whistlers mountain.

“What is that? That was not there yesterday.”

Andrew Dawson

And after that video titled Military, no other video was ever posted on his account that is @andykapt. It is easy to dismiss whole scenario by saying that it was done in order to get views and media attention but it doesn’t seem so simple. An article published by the Campbell River Mirror on July 1, 2022, shocked everyone.

A still showing a Military camp at the location of the sighting of the Giant

“ Andrew Ryan Watchorn Dawson November 4, 1987 – July 1, 2022 In Loving Memory”

Article by the Campbell River Mirror

With the words mentioned above, there was also a picture of Andre Dawson. This is where all the viewers were shocked and probably speculated that the entity he filmed was a real one and he was probably monitored by the Men In Black or some other secret agents of the government. The viewers speculated that he was murdered after he revealed the extraterrestrial operations that were going on at the peak of Whistlers mountain.

“Such sad news and his tiktok vids are compelling. It looks like real footage he captured on a Men in Black operation on that mountain? Others need to follow up his expose like local media should look into it?”

“The videos he posted make me wander (sic) what happened. How do you post things like that and just die? Is he dead because of his posts? Was he murdered? I have so many questions. RIP”

A comment on the Andrew Dawson’s death article

Later all his videos and findings were put down from the internet and hardly there are any articles or videos left on the internet which reveal the mystery of his footage or about his death. This seems to be a warning sign to all the researchers, paranormal experts, and ufologists around the world that they should not interfere in the secret works of government or anomalies like Men In Black. Probably everyone is closely monitored.

What do you think of the claims by Andrew Dawson? Let us know in the comments section below.

  1. I have seen similar things out here in Vancouver. From odd lights in the sky to very large humanoids walking in the woods and mountains. They exist, i have pictures of some interesting crafts flying high with green triangular lights on a black triangular ship. There are also instances where i have been walking by the ocean and seen lights come up and out then fly off

  2. I definitely believe that it was all real and of course the government has alot to do with all this weird shit going on and it’s gonna get worse and will reveal itself sooner then we think stay woke guys……r.i.p Andrew

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