Signs Of Ruins Of An Alien Civilisation Under Martian Desert Found

The ruins of a supposedly huge Alien Civilisation Under Martian Desert were spotted, specifically in an area called Hellas Planitia.

Alien Civilisation Under Martian Desert

Powerfully striking are what appear to be ruins of cities under the sands of the planet Mars. Constructions with rigorous right angles are observed, which is not typical of nature.

Face Of Cydonia Is Near The Alleged Alien Civilisation Under Martian Desert

The famous face of Cydonia of the red planet continues to be defended as artificial by many people, although NASA reiterates that it is a hill whose contemplation from above has a pareidolia effect on observers, who believe they see a face.

The paradox is that not far from Cydonia’s face are various structures reminiscent of artificial pyramids, which is also taken by NASA as a pareidolic effect.

On the subject of what appear to be remains of cities buried under Martian sands, NASA has yet to make a clear statement.

These visualizations resemble the constructions that are observed on Earth from the air, buried in the desert sands.

Obviously, the latter, those on Earth, are artificial constructions already abandoned and over which time has wreaked havoc. Almost every year some are discovered in the most unsuspected places.

Ruins Of Martian Desert

The supposed ruins of the Martian sands seem to unite all the characteristics of the artificial constructions of the Earth.

Many people wonder if there could have been an intelligent civilization on mars hundreds or tens of thousands of years ago.

Alien Civilisation Under Martian Desert

This could explain, according to certain experts, that the pyramids of Egypt were built at the time of the Leo constellation, more than twelve thousand years ago, when the land of Egypt was a veritable Eden covered with vegetation and full of great lakes.

The sphinx bears precisely the marks of having been almost all submerged in water perhaps for millennia.

It is known that more than ten thousand years ago the Sahara desert was an immense forest that disappeared for unknown reasons.

It is curious that the forest depopulation is observed from the Sahara desert to the Gobi desert, passing through the Sinai peninsula, and that it has not affected, for example, the central and southern part of Africa.

It gives the impression that something sinister exploded in this vast area and swept away as much vegetation as it found.

Could the hypothetical ruins buried in the sands of Mars really be cities? Could it not be about angular distributions of volcanic lava, which has drawn whimsical shapes such that they could resemble artificial structures?

Skeptics argue that this is impossible and that nature does not create as many regular shapes, since they are more or less regular formations at right angles. Formations have even been observed in a quasi perfect square.

The matter of the supposed cities or buildings detected on Mars does not look like an urban legend. If there really are remains of cities on Mars, it means that there was a civilization there.

Others claim that Mars was a satellite or moon of an exploding planet and a multitude of stones hit one of the faces of the satellite. That would explain why Mars has two different faces.

If there was a civilization, would they be individuals who, according to ancient writings, came down to Earth, from above?

Because it turns out that the word Nephilim by which certain ancient beings are defined means, ‘those who came down from sky’. Did they come from Mars?

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