The Simpsons Predicted The Coronavirus And Killer Wasps In The United States.

The writers of “The Simpsons” have done it again when it comes to predicting the future. Several Twitter users discovered that Simpsons Predicted The Coronavirus And Killer Wasps in the United States.

“Shit, The Simpsons actually predicted by 2020”said a tweet with a video of the 1993 episode entitled “Chained Marge (Marge in Chains)”.

What nobody expected is that one of the writers of “The Simpsons” retweeted the video and recognized once and for all that they predicted the future.

“Well I guess we did (predict the future),” wrote Oakley, a comment that has received 56,000 likes.

In season 21 episode 21, aired on May 6, 1993, a factory worker coughs into one of the boxes being shipped to Springfield , causing a pandemic where the Simpson family lives. 

Margie is arrested for stealing food from a supermarket for her family, who have the so-called ‘Osaka flu’. The episode shows a riot in the city that demands a cure and causes altercations over the doctor’s response.

“But the only cure I can recommend is rest,” explains Dr. Julius Hibbert to the crowd. “Anything else I give them will be placebos.”

That’s when, in an attempt to get the placebos, they assault a truck in front of the hospital. Then one of the boxes breaks and releases “killer bees” . At first it was believed that the episode was another “coincidence”,

however, in recent days we have learned that the Asian wasp has arrived in the United States. It is one of the most dangerous animals in the world, and it can have a very negative impact on local fauna. 

It is an invasive species that poses a serious threat to the honey bee. Nicknamed the ‘killer hornet’, its venom is so strong that it kills about 50 people a year in East Asia and can kill a mouse in seconds.

Also striking was the tweet from a follower of the series, who wrote that like the Simpsons, “We move on once this episode ends, we learn next to nothing about it, and then we do something even more stupid . ” Oakley simply replied, “Exactly.”

Simpsons Predicted The Coronavirus And Killer Wasps

Curiously, another detail that has not gone unnoticed by some is that it seems that the screenwriter has changed his mind , and has decided to reveal the truth about the “prophecies” in the episodes. Recall that Oakley commented on the episode in question in March.

“I don’t like it being used for dire purposes, ” Oakley told Hollywood Reporter digital magazine, after three images from the episode went viral and compared the “Osaka flu” to COVID-19.“The idea that someone misappropriates it to make the coronavirus look like an Asian plot is terrible.

 In terms of trying to blame Asia, I think that’s gross. I think the closest antecedent to the Osaka flu was the 1968 Hong Kong flu. It was supposed to be a quick joke on how the flu got here.

 It was supposed to be absurd that someone could cough into a box and that the virus survived six to eight weeks in the box. It is cartoonish. We intentionally made him cartoonish because we wanted him to be silly and not scary, and not carry any of these bad associations, so the virus itself acted like a cartoon character and behaved in extremely unrealistic ways. ”

Without a doubt, this is a truly surprising revelation, especially after the many times that the writers have had to justify their disturbing predictions in more than 30 episodes, ensuring that these are simple coincidences due to the 30 seasons. 

But what is clear is that it is much more than just coincidences, and for whatever reason, Oakley has decided to reveal the truth, that “The Simpsons” is something like the Book of Revelation. Now it is not only necessary to know if the prediction about the Third World War will end up being fulfilled.

What will be the next prediction fulfilled for The Simpsons?

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