Professor Bing Liu who was near to a breakthrough regarding COVID-19 is murdered

Professor Bing Liu, 37, was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds at his home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, on Saturday after an alleged murder-suicide. The Chinese scientist was an assistant research professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine with experience in “computational modeling and analysis of the dynamics of biological systems. But apparently Professor Liu “was about to make very significant findings of the coronavirus” The university said he was an “outstanding” and “prolific” researcher who excelled during the coronavirus crisis.

“he was starting to get interesting results,” Ivet Bahar, head of the computational and systems biology department, told the local newspaper Post-Gazette“He was sharing with us, trying to understand the mechanism of infection, so we hope to continue what he was doing.”

Bing Liu

The university said in a statement that Professor Bing was about to make very significant findings to understand the cellular mechanisms underlying SARS-CoV-2 infection and the cellular basis for the following complications. 

They also noted that they will complete what they started in an effort to pay tribute to their scientific excellence. Originally from China, Dr. Liu received his Bachelor of Science and Doctorate in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore. 

He did his postdoctoral studies at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States. He had recently been promoted to an assistant research professor position at the University of Pittsburgh.

How did Dr. Bing Liu die?

Dr. Bing Liu died after allegedly receiving multiple shots from computer engineer Hao Gu as a result of an alleged love triangle. According to the police version, Gu entered Dr. Liu’s house through an open door before opening fire, hitting him on the head, neck and body.

“Our investigation of the circumstances surrounding the death of Bing Lu and Hao Gu indicates that the actions that took place on Saturday, May 2, 2020 were the result of a long-running dispute over a sentimental partner,” said Sgt. Kohlhepp. “We have found no evidence that this tragic event has anything to do with employment at the University of Pittsburgh, or any other work being done at the university and the current health crisis affecting the United States and the world. Due to the fact that the people involved are not citizens of the United States and according to the long standing protocol, our review has been sent to the federal authorities. ”

What are the conspiracy theories surrounding Liu’s death?

Unsurprisingly, after authorities reported on the murder of Dr. Bing Liu, many raised their voices on social media to report a conspiracy. They are convinced that the Chinese researcher was about to reveal the truth about the coronavirus , that it may have originated in a laboratory or even that it is the greatest hoax in history.

But remember, this is not the first time that a person related to conspiracy theories has died in strange circumstances. In 2014, David Crowley, an aspiring filmmaker from California, died while shooting a feature film called “A Gray State,” a story that dealt with the police state, the suppression of martial law, and social collapse in the United States. According to the official version, Crowley murdered his daughter and wife before committing suicide . In addition, the authorities linked the film director to Islamic radicalization. This sparked outrage in his family, who claimed that it was impossible for Crowley to have killed his wife and daughter. They even created a Facebook page to ask for justice on the true death of David Crowley.

Nor can we forget the death of ufologist and conspiracy theorist Max Spiers, who was found lifeless after vomiting a black liquid after a conference in Warsaw, Poland. In this case, the authorities denied the family access to the autopsy results. Not to mention the mystery message his mother received just before she died: “I’m in trouble. If something happens to me, investigate. ”

Now Professor Bing Liu is part of the long list of bizarre deaths and murders related to conspiracy theories. And unfortunately, we will never know what Professor Liu discovered, a finding that could have changed the course of history.

Do you believe the official version of Professor Liu’s death? Or do you think that everything is part of a conspiracy to hide the truth about the coronavirus?

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