Spontaneous combustion in Central London: A man dies while riding

Almost everyone has ever heard of so-called spontaneous combustion. Spontaneous combustion is the phenomenon that occurs when a person burns without any external intervention, being in most cases practically reduced to ashes or any part of the body, leaving the rest intact.

Spontaneous combustionNormally, the victims of this rare phenomenon usually appear in their homes sitting or lying down and the flames usually only affect the bodies of these, leaving the surrounding furniture intact. But it turns out that last September the London authorities received an emergency warning warning of the presence of a person engulfed in flames on public roads, north of the British capital.

The event occurred on September 17 and in broad daylight, but it was revealed a few weeks ago as a result of the appeal made by the authorities to the citizens to help them clarify the case. Some eyewitnesses tried to help the man engulfed in flames, but they were so strong that they could only be extinguished by a fire brigade. The victim was transported by helicopter to a hospital where he received intensive care, but they could not save this man’s life due to the seriousness of the injuries. Police have not yet been able to establish the causes of the incident, so the investigation has not progressed since then.

Spontaneous combustion
John Dolan is the victim who suffered the combustion in this London street

The victim, identified as John Dolan, was a retiree of about seventy years of Irish origin, who had worked all his life in the construction sector. The autopsy revealed that the man died from the burns, but I do not detect the presence of any flammable substance in his body. Mr. Nolan was a respected member of his community and I did not know of any indication that the man was involved in any kind of dispute, as indicated by the officer in charge of the investigation.

He also said that none of the witnesses interviewed had seen that the deceased was in contact with any other person at the time of the phenomenon. That is, the man was walking and suddenly began to burn.

Spontaneous combustion

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There are several theories about what causes spontaneous combustion, but most of them fail in several ways. From the butt that ignites the clothes and begins to burn the fat of the affected one, until unknown subatomic particles, that, when crossing our body in certain circumstances, can cause a cellular ignition in chain. It is even said that it can be experimental weapons tests.

But the most controversial theory is that it indicates that some relatives and friends of this man, said that the previous year he had confessed to have had a “strange” experience. In most cases of spontaneous combustion, the social circle closest to the victim, coincidentally, report that a year or so before, the victim confessed to having had some kind of paranormal experience or encounter with extraterrestrials.

spontaneous combustion remains a mystery, but this time, a man in full “London city” has burned without any cause before several witnesses and several security cameras of the British security department. The cause remains open and the controversy is served.

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