A very bright mysterious light in the sky causes panic in a Colombian city

In 2015, the renowned journalist of the newspaper of Colombian newspaper “The City Paper Bogotá” Richard Emblin published some photographs that went around the world. You could see a mysterious object in the form of “eight” on the sky. As Emblin himself explained, the unidentified flying object after taking off, stopped under a cloud and disappeared to the south. But most surprising of all, the Colombian journalist followed the UFO to the airport, and observed that it was not an object, but two.(bright mysterious light in the sky)

It was not a balloon, nor any drone, plane or helicopter … so what was it? Today the sighting of Emblin remains a mystery, but opened an interesting debate about the presence of a large number of unidentified flying objects over Colombia, which for some is the evidence that there is some kind of extraterrestrial base in some undetermined point of this South American country.(bright mysterious light in the sky)

And after a series of supposed UFO sightings in 2017, it seems that this trend continues as people have returned to present a strange phenomenon about Colombia. The inhabitants of the Colombian municipality of Ocaña panicked after seeing a mysterious object very bright in the sky, which caused numerous calls to the authorities to report on the incident.

Extraterrestrial invasion … in Colombia

The strange event took place on the eve of January 2, in the Colombian city of Ocaña,department of Norte de Santander. People panicked, although some of the witnesses recorded videos and uploaded them to YouTube. The mysterious phenomenon quickly became a viral phenomenon in social networks.(bright mysterious light in the sky)

After the incident, some believers claimed that it was an extraterrestrial invasion , so the strange light was clearly a spaceship. Others said that this was clear evidence that races from other worlds are constantly controlling and monitoring human activity.

As can be seen in the images, there is clearly a mysterious yellow object very bright  in the night sky. The UFO flashes and then silently disappears without leaving a trace. Some witnesses said that the object disappeared near the neighboring city of Aguas Claras. There were also some who claimed that it was a vision showing the impending end of time, however, some residents believe that the bright object was not an alien spacecraft, rather a flare in the night sky.

“The light comes from a flare used during military exercises ,  Dixon Florez Castro, one of the witnesses, wrote on his Facebook page. “They illuminate large areas at night, usually for parachute landings and observation exercises. Here it seems more surprising because the sky is cloudy. “

mysterious light sky colombia - A mysterious light very bright in the sky causes panic in a city of Colombia

But despite the theory, nothing new, offered by Castro, the authorities have not spoken about it, so it is currently unclear if it was a flare that caused the creepy bright light.

This has provoked all kinds of reactions among conspiracy theorists, who believe that the Colombian government could be covering up the visits of intelligent extraterrestrial beings. Moreover, there could be some kind of cooperation between governments and extraterrestrials for the sole purpose of controlling humanity.

What is your opinion about the mysterious light on Colombia? Can it be of extraterrestrial origin or maybe it is a flare used in some military exercise?


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