Spontaneous Teleportation? Patient Disappeared Found Dead on the Roof of the Hospital

A mysterious event that has not yet been explained, but that has raised all sorts of theories, such as spontaneous teleportation, is that what happened at the Stellenbosch Hospital, South Africa, where a patient mysteriously disappeared and was found 13 days later. . on the roof.(Patient Disappeared Found Dead on the Roof of the Hospital)

Patient Disappeared Found Dead on the Roof of the Hospital

The 61-year-old man was admitted to the Paarl Hospital for the first time to undergo surgery on his abdomen. After that operation, something out of the ordinary happened and was taken to Stellenbosch Hospital, where it was said that there would recover much better.

On October 5, a nurse entered the room and the man was sleeping peacefully in his bed. She left the room then, and according to her, only for less than a minute to go get clean clothes for the beds, and when she returned to the room, he had disappeared from the bed in which he had been lying and from which he had been lying. He said he could not move.

The hospital staff, along with the police investigating the case, had no idea how he disappeared from his bed because the man was convalescing, in a post-operative state and with no mobility.

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Patient Disappeared Found Dead on the Roof of the Hospital

Tragic and unusual end for the Patient

Thirteen days later, the man’s body was found on the roof of the hospital, in what was described as an isolated area of ​​no or almost no access, and no one has any idea why or how he got there. The location and removal of the man’s body was very difficult to reach and they had to call workers to ask for help.(Patient Disappeared Found Dead on the Roof of the Hospital)

At this time, police are still confused about how a man who could not possibly have gotten out of bed, much less climbed the roof in a remote area, managed to appear in this unusual place.

It has been suggested that maybe the man was teleported to the roof, but if so, by whom? While teleportation may sound like something you see in ‘Star Trek’, several scientists have recently published an article about the possibility of teleporting information.(Patient Disappeared Found Dead on the Roof of the Hospital)

Of course, this is not a human being and all experiments are associated with quantum information. But it could also be that they give us the information to “drop counts” and teleportation really exists as we imagine it. What do you think?


The original news was published in IOL News, which you can see here

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