The strange case of Australian UFO Nests which is still unsolved

In the late 1970s, incomprehensible circles or other patterns made up of twisted and tightly pressed wheat to the ground began to appear in the wheat fields of Great Britain.
Later on, similar circles or patterns started to appear in other countries as well.
They were termed as Crop Circles in media.
Decades have been passed since then and numerous theories have been proposed about what or who creates such patterns.
Were those patterns created from tornadoes, strong winds or running hedgehogs, UFO landing, or by conducting classified scientific experiments?
Now, interest in Crop Circles has significantly faded, as a lot of people began to create circles themselves, either for the sake of art or to attract the attention of journalists.
However, even before this wave, there was a phenomenon that is now almost forgotten, while it confidently associated unusual crop circles with UFOs. 
The phenomenon is known as Australian “UFO Nests”.

On January 16, 1966 (January is the height of summer in Australia), George Pedley was driving his tractor down a narrow road near a sugarcane farm in Tully, North Queensland. 
This place is known among the locals as the Horseshoe Lagoon. 

The weather was calm and clear, the sun shone brightly high in the sky.
Over the roar of the tractor, it was difficult to hear other extraneous sounds, but suddenly George Pedley caught a long hiss. 
At first, he thought that the tractor’s tire got pierced, but as soon as he got off the tractor to inspect the wheels, a silver-gray object in the shape of a flat plate slowly took off suddenly from the side of the reed field.
The object was not very large, it was about 8 meters in diameter. 
It smoothly rose into the air to the height of the treetops, and then slightly bent down and rushed at high speed to the southwest.

George Pedley ran into the field from where the UFO rose. 
When he made his way through the dense bushes and trees, he saw a large clearing in the form of an even circle, strongly pressed into the ground and it was flooded with water. 
However, after a few hours, the water was gone, a neatly arranged circle of stems appeared.
This event shook the entire Australian press.
In those years, the UFO phenomenon was just gaining momentum and suddenly it turned out that they can be found in the remote Australian outback. 

Journalists began to gather in the fields near Tully, and soon they found five more “UFO nests” not far from the first one.
Moreover, they were all of a smaller diameter than the first, which suggests that very small “saucers” landed there.

Very quickly, the unusual characteristics of the swirling reeds that lay in the “nests” began to emerge. 
First, it turned out that it was not just twisted and pinned to the ground, but also uprooted from the ground. 
Secondly, it darkened very quickly, in just a few hours, although an ordinary plucked cane darkens in about three days. 
And thirdly, the sides of the curling of the reed were different, sometimes it was clockwise, on the odd occasions it was counterclockwise.

A small rectangular area was also found, in which the reed was pulled out of the ground with force and disappeared. 
It was not found either nearby or anywhere else. 
And on one of the six nests found, the reed was not only pressed to the ground but also badly burned. 
The Australian UFO nests is a mystery even today.

When the local residents were inquired, it turned out that this is a long-familiar phenomenon for them, since they notice such circles almost every year at the beginning of the wet season. 
However, none of these cases were previously registered by anyone at all, because local residents did not even consider it to be something particularly important.

After 1966, UFOs continued to raid northern Queensland and leave nests behind. 
Their appearance was recorded in 1968, 1971, 1972, 1977, 1987, and 1992.

Trevor’s theory on Australian UFO Nests

In 1976, researcher Trevor James Constable published the book “The Cosmic Impulse of Life”, in which he put forward his theory of how such “UFO nests” are formed.
In his opinion, UFOs move using orgone energy, and it is this energy that creates “nests” when they take off from the ground. 

The term Orgone energy itself was coined in the middle of the twentieth century by the controversial psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, who apparently interpreted the universal energy from Chinese philosophy and medicine in this way.

when an alien ship needs to take off from the field, it draws the orgone energy it needs from living objects underneath, in Tully’s case, it was sugarcane. The reed stalks are twisted due to the turbulence created by the generated energy plasma.

Trevor James Constable

This theory also explains the unusually fast darkening of the reed, because the reed was deprived of vital energy. 

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