The Mysterious Green Children of Woolpit: Descendants Of Gods?

We are familiar with the common stereotype that extraterrestrials may have a green skin color.
Starting from the green Martians to the Egyptian god Osiris is known to have a green skin color.
In the 12th century, England, a mysterious tale of Green children of Woolpit occurred.

The Mysterious Green Brother And Sister Of Woolpit

During the mid 12th century, there was a town called Woolpit in England. In old English days, the town named wulf-pytt, famous for the pits dug in the ground which was used to catch wandering wolves which were attacking livestock and creating fear in villagers but today this village is known for the two gree children on its signboard.

Green Children of Woolpit

Around 1150. during the reign of King Stephen, the villagers while working in the fields spotted two children, close to a wolf pit, looking extremely restless and communicating with each other in a strange unknown language.
A story says, they appeared from the pit which was twice as tall as the children.
They were dressed in strange clothes and spoke an unrecognizable language.
Their skin was green in color, a remarkable sight but other than that, they appeared to be normal children.
They were offered food to eat to which they keep denying as if they had never seen such kind of edible items.
It looked like they would starve themselves until they saw green beans. Some say, they found the green beans in the garden and ate them, others say, they spotted a servant carrying a plate of green beans and showed a desire to eat them. Thereafter, children were fed beans and slowly they started to adopt the diet of a regular child.

As their diet changed, the green color of their skin began to appear normal.
The boy caught an unknown disease which led to his death, whereas, the girl, who was named Agnes, survived. As she adjusted well with her new life, she learned English, and could finally tell that where did she and her brother come from.

According to the historic UK, Agnes answered that

The brother-Siser duo were inhabitants of the land of St. Martin, who was regarded with peculiar veneration in the country which gave us birth.

She was ignorant of how did they arrive in Woolpit, all she could recall was that on a certain day when the duo was feeding their father’s flocks in the fields, they heard the sound of bells and in admiration, they walked towards the great sound and late found themselves among the villagers in the fields.

She further said that, at the place where she came from, the sun does not rise, their land is simply cheered by the sun’s beams.
People of that place are satisfied with the twilight, which is basically the moment before the sunrise or after the sunset. She added, that certain luminous country could be seen, not far distant from hers.
Agnes was baptized and later were married to the archdeacon of Ely, Richard Barre.

Their marriage bore at least one child.
Thus indicating that her descendants may exist today. It is said that even today England’s blue blood has a tinge of green in it through Agnes’s bloodline.
People believe that finding the descendants has become trickery, perhaps a well guarded local secret.

There were different versions of the tale, one of which says, that they were just two normal lost children who entered a cave and reached Woolpit, and they couldn’t find their way back.
The other said they were two orphans and their wicked Uncle hired murderers for them to inherit their estate. The assassins took pity and abandoned them in the wood, where they were lost and starved.

Who were these green children of woolpit?

People believed that the green children of Woolpit came from some other dimension through a portal and ended up in an English town.

Why were they so surprised after seeing the sunlight or why did they only accept green beans as an edible?
Did they really come from another world, and most importantly if they were just regular children, why did no one ever come looking after them.
Did they belong to another world or were they just two lost children?

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