Stages Of Near Death Experience - Meeting God And Afterlife

Stages Of Near Death Experience – Meeting God And Afterlife

One question that fills us with both anxiety and interest is what happens after death? However, it can be answered only by those who have faced death.  However, we currently have no means to establish a connection with them, so we must rely on the testimony of those who have died and returned. Numerous physicians have encountered the phenomenon in which a person in a state of clinical death recalls bizarre visions, sounds, or even odors that he smelled during those instants when he was regarded as a corpse and this experience is popularly known as Near Death Experience.

Near Death Experience
Near Death Experience

This is termed a near-death experience by experts. Sadly, the majority of physicians believe that all of these symptoms represent a dying brain. Fortunately, there are physicians who believe that there is more to it, than the number of neurons playing here and there. Dr. Kathryn Mannix, who specializes in palliative care  (care for terminally ill and dying people) is one of those believers. 

“In my humble experience, death is probably not as scary as you would expect. Death, like birth, is really just a process. As the years go by, people just get more and more tired, they sleep more and stay awake less.”

 Dr. Kathryn Mannix

She recently published “With the End in Mind: Dying, Death, and Wisdom in an Age”, a book that discusses what happens to dying people, in an effort to break the taboo that has developed around this subject in modern times.

Dr. Mannix
Dr. Mannix

According to Mannix, most people who have a near-death experience pass through five distinct “stages” of death, based on her personal experience. She interviewed hundreds of patients who had near-death experiences and witnessed the deaths of nearly 2,000 individuals.

Stages Of Near-Death Experience

The initial stage is characterized by a sudden change of state. In an instant, all of his sufferings vanish, along with his anxieties, fears, and distracting noise. In this stage, the person only possesses peace, tranquility, and grace. Some report experiencing happiness.

The second stage is the so-called out-of-body experience, which occurs when a person feels as though they are ascending and can see their body lying on a bed or stretcher below them.

The third stage is characterized by a feeling of comfort and bliss, which is experienced by approximately 98-99 percent of people. However, for approximately 2 percent of patients, this stage brought severe discomfort; they heard horrible sounds, smelled foul odors, and saw horrible creatures.

Patients in fourth stage frequently report seeing “light in total darkness” and experiencing “warm, bright, and comfortable” sensations.

Approximately 10 percent of those who have experienced clinical death reach the fifth stage. They were likely “thrown” the farthest along the tunnel between life and death. These patients witnessed a scene resembling heaven, complete with flower-filled meadows, beautiful music, and a feeling of unconditional love.

Most Reliable Near-Death Experiences

When it comes to near-death experience narratives, there are numerous unscientific works based on the authors’ personal interests as opposed to empirical evidence. However, there is a growing body of legitimate research surrounding near-death experience (NDE) reports, and a number of medical studies on the topic have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Incident 1. Locating the Dentures

In a study conducted in 2001 by renowned cardiologist Pim van Lommel, a man who had been in a deep coma later recognized a nurse. He told her he saw where she placed his dentures during resuscitation efforts and then described the cart she used. They were present, exactly as he had described.

Incident 2. Meeting the Dead Relatives

One man who had experienced a near-death experience, a child recalled meeting deceased family members:

“There were some presences there. There were some ladies… I didn’t know them at the time… They were so loving and so wonderful, and I just didn’t want to come back… I didn’t see any pictures of them until I was an adult, but then I said, ‘Oh, yeah.’… They were my great-grandmothers who had died years before I was born.”

Incident 3. Life Review

People frequently recount their near-death experiences as a life review. Despite the fact that life review experiences cannot be considered scientifically verifiable, they are noteworthy. They can have a profound impact on the NDE, causing them to reevaluate their life and values. Below is a doctor’s description of an NDE patient’s life review:

According to medical records, he was in a coma and nearly died. Nonetheless, he had the distinct impression of leaving his physical body and entering darkness. He had the impression of ascending through a dark tunnel toward a light source. A being “filled with love and light” suddenly appeared before him. Now he was experiencing a second life review [or a life review in its proper sense], one guided by a being of light. As he reflected on the moral decisions he had made in his lifetime, he felt surrounded by love and compassion. Suddenly, he realized that he was an integral part of the universe and that his life had significance.

The patient reported that when he realised a collision was imminent, time seemed to slow down as he applied the brakes and went into an uncontrolled slide. Then, he appeared to leave his body. During this state, he experienced a life review consisting of brief images—flashes—of his life. His vehicle collided with the truck, and the truck bed crashed through the window, causing multiple head and chest injuries.

Incident 4. Supernatural Powers

Some people who have had near-death experiences have gone through out-of-body experiences, such as travelling through walls to a waiting room where they encounter family and friends. Extremely unusually, one patient reported travelling through a wall and seeing her young daughter wearing mismatched plaids. Another woman travelled through a wall and overheard her brother-in-law speaking disparagingly to a business associate in the hospital waiting room; she was able to relay this information to him later.

Incident 5. Restored Eye-sight

During their NDE, some blind people report being able to see. Psychiatrist Brian Weiss relates the tale of an elderly, blind woman:

“[She] suffered a cardiac arrest during her stay in the hospital where I [Weiss] was the chairman of the psychiatry department. She was unconscious as the resuscitation team tried to revive her. According to her later report, she floated out of her body and stood near the window, watching [the resuscitation]. She observed, without any pain whatsoever, as they thumped on her chest and pumped air into her lungs. During the resuscitation, a pen fell out of her doctor’s pocket and rolled near the same window where her out-of-body spirit was standing and watching. The doctor eventually walked over, picked up the pen, and put it back in his pocket. He then rejoined the frantic effort to save her. They succeeded.

“A few days later, she told her doctor that she had observed the resuscitation team at work during her cardiac arrest. ‘No,’ he soothingly reassured her. ‘You were probably hallucinating because of the anoxia [lack of oxygen to the brain]. This can happen when the heart stops beating.

“’But I saw your pen roll over to the window,’ she replied. Then she described the pen and other details of the resuscitation. The doctor was shocked. His patient had not only been comatose during the resuscitation, but she had also been blind for many years.”

Morning sky background, sunlight through white clouds and free birds flying away

Well! These are a few mind-blowing near-death experiences. Share your opinion in the comment box with us to discuss.

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