Barbara Hudson

Barbara Hudson: Alien Contactee & Part Of “The Group”

In the field of UFO research, there are people who research the UFO phenomenon and there are those who appear to have genuinely assimilated into it. In certain situations, we have stories of what are now referred to as “contactees,” or persons who have encountered or even been kidnapped by these extra-terrestrial beings.

Alien Encounter
Alien Encounter

The tale of a woman who appears to have been aimed by aliens from a young age and who would go on to become a mainstay on the UFO convention circuit with her entourage of two of the most well-known UFO scientists in the field at the time is undoubtedly one of these stories that are quite popular in this field.

Alien Encounter’s Of Barbara Hudson

Barbara Hudson was introduced to the strange realm of UFOs quite early. She reports that when she was only 15 years old, a towering man with hazy features standing next to her bed woke her up one night. Barbara Hudson initially believed the invader to be a human, but just as she was ready to call out to her parents, the intruder unleashed beams from his eye that allegedly paralyzed her and held her motionless in place.

Barbara Hudson
Barbara Hudson

When the man put out his hand and requested her to accompany him, she felt as though she couldn’t resist since she could also feel her mind becoming cloudy and slipping into a type of haze After that, a grey mist arose, and within it, she was led into what appeared to be an elevator.

From there, she was taken to a vast chamber with monitors on the wall depicting the earth, as well as “many instruments and colored lights” and more of those weird tall beings. Before returning her to the elevators and her room, where they left her to pass out, these figures brought her little fruit to eat. Barbara tried for years to move on from this bizarre occurrence and forget about it. She later relocated to New York City, got married, and had a child. However, she got divorced and rented out a Manhattan apartment to live in with her parents.

When she believed she had seen the last of those tall visitors, her life suddenly became unusual once more. Her life had appeared to have returned to some degree to normal. On a regular day in 1960, Barbara Hudson was changing her baby’s diaper and that is when the bell rang. She hadn’t been expecting anyone, so it was a little strange, but she initially didn’t think much of it and walked to the door to find out who it was. A man she had never seen and who had an utterly weird demeanor was standing in the hallway when she opened the lock.

The strange man was wearing an unflattering navy blue suit, a dark tie, and a white shirt that hung uncomfortably off of his skeleton frame he was around 6 feet tall and had an extremely skinny, almost skeletal form. Under a mass of brown, curly hair, he was a man with dark skin and eyes that were firmly fixed on his face. He didn’t say anything for a while and Barbara was about to shut the door in his face.


He introduced himself as the exterminator who was called by the building’s management to spray Barbara’s flat for bugs. She noticed from his hands that he was holding a bug sprayer and a black suitcase, but it was strange because no one had mentioned an exterminator coming over. Despite the peculiar circumstances, Barbara allowed the man inside. After he entered the kitchen and started spraying, he stopped and turned to Barbara to assure her that he did not intend to harm her.

He then went across the hall to pick up a book from the bookshelf, specifically one titled Flying Saucers Have Landed by George Adamski, another contactee with aliens. Strangely, the man went directly to the books and knew where it was, and as he took it up, he was seen holding the book tenderly in both hands. The strange man asked her whether she believe in extra-terrestrial stuff. She responded that she believed that aliens originated from Mars or Venus when the man afterward inquired about their origin.

Despite the absurdity of the situation, Barbara maintained her composure throughout the entire ordeal and even went ahead to unlock the door for a much stranger. This caused the stranger to smile as he softly put the book down again and leaned through to kiss Barbara on the face before walking towards the door. After leaving softly, the man entered the first floor and turned to confront her once more.

This time, the man continued, informing her that she had been mistaken and that he was in fact an alien, but that he was from Saturn and not Mars or Venus. He then hurried off, promising to catch up with her later. What spell he had cast on her wore off when he left, and Barbara was suddenly overcome by a surge of horror and panic. She hurried to the balcony to check outside after swiftly locking the door, it was observed by her that the man never appeared to have returned inside the apartment, leaving her there with a chilly, damp sense of dread. However, She continued to experience unusual occurrences.

Later that year, three tall, skinny guys in dark suits who had faces that were strikingly similar to the “exterminator” she had earlier met, arrived at her flat, and once more she felt as though they had placed her in some kind of hypnotic trance. The men claimed to have information to share with her regarding UFOs and that they want her to join a covert group they simply referred to as “the group.”

She felt strangely driven to accompany them to the road and to a wait dark sedan when they encouraged her to join them for a drive. The entire time they were driving her to a distant part of Long Island, they kept quiet. When the car finally came to a stop, they arrived at some sort of colony that was home to both humans and aliens. The men who were with her said that they were “the group” and they’d been chosen for their ability to spread information concerning aliens and UFOs. They had been chosen from both Earth and other planets in the galaxy.

Alien (Barbara Hudson)

Then they told her to go to seminars being given by the author and UFO research scientist James Willett Moseley at the sequence of Giant Rock Flying Saucer Conventions that were happening at the time so that she could “keep an eye on things.” Thus, begin the next strange chapter of her strange story.

Barbara Hudson And Her Fellow Ufologists

At the convention, Barbara encountered Moseley as well as the UFO writer Gray Barker, who was perhaps best known for trying to introduce the world to the notion of the Men in Black in the book titled “They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers”. The two researchers were captivated by Barbara’s tale, and from that point on, she, Barker, and Beckley appear to have become an unbreakable trio.

They even invited her to join them as they looked into the Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant, West Virginia; some of these activities are described in Gray Barker’s The Silver Bridge (1970). Barbara became very active in the UFO conference scene, frequently sharing the stage with Moseley and Barker. She also began writing a book on her encounters, an excerpt of which was published in an article headlined “A Visitor From Saturn?” in Beckley’s UFO newsletter Saucer News.

James Mosley
James Mosley

Strangely enough, Barbara Hudson allegedly sent rough draughts of some of her works to George H. Smith, a writer known for adult-themed schlock with works like Orgy Buyer & The Sex & Savagery of the Devils Angels. Smith used Hudson’s name as a pen name and turned her outline into the obscene, sex-filled novel Those Sexy Saucer Citizens (1967). As for Barbara’s own book, it will always remain a work in progress and never be completely done.

Moseley and Barker, on the other hand, asserted that they wholeheartedly supported Barbara’s bizarre tale and regarded her to be highly trustworthy. They shared additional mysterious anecdotes about their interactions with her, including one about a time in Point Pleasant when she may have run into one of her friends from Saturn and in the person of a tall, gaunt man who was crying and whistling the “Gone With the Wind” theme in the darkness of the abandoned power plant.

Another time, while attending a different convention across the country, Barker asserted to have spotted Barbara’s twin. Although Barker was a prolific author on UFOs and supernatural beings and his books did advocate the existence of UFOs and extra-terrestrials, Barker himself was recognized to be a pretty hardcore skeptic in private.

Unfortunately, most of the information available on Barbara Hudson and her perspectives was linked by Barker himself. He was known to deliberately greatly embellish facts in his books, omit certain things, or play up certain angles in order to render the cases he covered seem more outlandish and mysterious. He mostly produced his various UFO writings for money, but didn’t really believe in most of what he wrote, even informing friends and relatives that the subject matter was a joke and trying to call his own books “kookie books.”

His partner in crime, Moseley, was no better. His personal contempt for the UFO area and for the true believers drove a series of sophisticated hoaxes he invented to dupe UFO enthusiasts, and he is infamous for having mercilessly pranked John Keel throughout his research into the Mothman phenomenon.

Moseley, who was a private skeptic as well, went to considerable efforts to plan complex hoaxes to refute UFO believers. He didn’t necessarily do this out of malice or for fun, but instead because he thought there were a lot of hoaxers, fakers, and other crap in the UFO area that confused the issue since people were too fast to accept it as true.

He thought that some UFO phenomenon was indeed intriguing and incomprehensible, but that it was difficult to arrive at the genuine truth, and that one could only come close to the truth after refining out hoaxes, conspiracy theories, and misidentifications. For him, the purpose of his pranks was to demonstrate how many people in the UFO world were naive and hasty in their judgments.

Moseley and Barker brainstormed some incredible ideas together. They sent a letter purporting to be from the US government to self-describe extra-terrestrial contactee George Adamski as part of one scam. The letter claimed that the U.S. Department of State approved of Adamski’s investigation into UFOs, that the government was aware that Adamski had in fact had a conversation with aliens in a California wilderness in 1952, and that they had their own proof supporting his astounding claims.

The note was even written on official State Dept stationary and letterhead with an R.E. signature and was written on white-seal, blue-embossed paper with the American eagle watermark. Straith. Adamski gulped down the bait hook, line, and sinker, widely publicizing the letter and using it as evidence to support his varied bizarre claims on UFO contact information, exactly proving Moseley’s point. Barker used the hoax in his 1967 book on Adamski, referring to the letter as “one of the great mysteries of the UFO field.”

The so-called Lost Creek saucer video was another notorious hoax perpetrated by Barker and Moseley. In 1966, they devised a plan to manufacture footage of a flying saucer, which they intended to pass off as real. In order to achieve this, an aide held a false saucer on a fishing pole in front of a moving automobile while Moseley drove and Barker shot. The ensuing footage was represented as authentic and caused a stir at the time, eliciting a great deal of discussion, with many in the UFO community applauding it as a remarkable piece of genuine footage. Before eventually confessing it was a forgery and describing how he had created it, Barker brought it about with him to UFO conventions and speak on it.

Gray Barker
Gray Barker

Considering Barker and Moseley’s vicious mocking of the UFO community, it is difficult to understand why they were such proponents of Barbara Hudson’s tale and made such an effort to attend conferences with her. While she most likely understood what she was expressing, Barker and Moseley almost probably did not, and she was likely simply another victim of their trolling.

How much of what she described her experiences were true, and how much was given to her, exaggerated, or even made up by Barker and Moseley? They were such unapologetic conspiracy theorists that it is difficult to state with certainty, and we are left to speculate. Was Barbara Hudson a genuine individual? Was she merely a woman with delusions? Was Barbara Hudson possibly duped by two of the most infamous con artists in the UFO field? Regardless of the circumstances, it is a peculiar account of one of the more peculiar UFO contactees

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