The strange feeling of not belonging to this planet

Do you have the feeling that you are not part of the Earth? Do not you feel identified with anything or anyone on this planet? Have you ever thought that your true origins could be somewhere outside our Solar System? So, if this is your case do not worry, you’re not crazy. Thousands of people around the world have the same feeling, they have no connection to this planet.(feeling of not belonging to this planet)

Some researchers suggest that these people could be spirits who manifest as human beings, who have come from other planets or higher dimensions. This enigmatic sensation includes confusion about the norms of behavior on this planet, feeling “different” to others, or being trapped within an illusion. These people or spirits may have the need to escape from this reality , but something keeps them on Earth. Although the worst of all is that since they are born they have these mysterious sensations, which make them discriminated against by a politically correct society.(feeling of not belonging to this planet)

Coming from other worlds

Experts in the subject assert that the spirits that incarnate on Earth from other advanced planetary civilizations are more spiritually developed. Being older souls, more balanced and in tune, they find the madness of this earthly illusion somewhat stressful and disconcerting. They feel as if the Earth is not their true home. The reality is that their home world could be highly civilized, with a population that operates in unity and harmony, with social behaviors and a socio-economic balance.

Spiritually, these people unconsciously know the importance of high vibrational energies like love and light, and they are part of a single infinite creation, but unfortunately they are also subject to oblivion when they are born. On the other hand, this “voluntary” forgetting is necessary otherwise they could not live in this reality. Those who feel like the Earth is not their true home can have a great interest in technology and the paranormal theme, are kind and eager to help others, and not forget that they are very spiritually awake, traits coming from His extraterrestrial race .(feeling of not belonging to this planet)

How do you feel?

As we have said before, from their infancy, these people are misunderstood and find it difficult to locate others like them. Once they find people who are close to their ideas and feelings, they can progress spiritually together and get ahead in life. However, even so there is a background of dissatisfaction , as this earthly illusion continues to alter their feelings. Confusion can arise because your subconscious or spirit remembers “your previous life,” however, you have to cope with inequality, financial crises, social problems, wars, and a world community that lacks unity.

feeling of not belonging to this planet


This does not prevent them from feeling the need to help others, since they came to our planet with this goal. Sometimes, isolation can prevent your goals from being met, needing love, guidance and support from other people to return to the positive path.

How is it possible?

In the spiritual community it is believed that the Earth is changing the planetary vibration from the third to the fourth dimension. Many souls are incarnating here from other planetary spheres and of higher dimensions, which are much more advanced than ours. These people are here for the transition and it is a great opportunity for learning and experience. The overall goal is to complete another lifetime of discoveries for the benefit of universal consciousness and creation . In turn, these advanced souls elevate the vibration of the planet so that the transition from the third to the fourth dimension can be successfully realized.(feeling of not belonging to this planet)

Although the frequency of Earth’s energy is increasing, most of the spirits that embody here have a lower vibration, represented by greed, power hunger and manipulation. Some spirits are incarnating here from other planets like ours. These spirits have developed enough to make the transition.

feeling of not belonging to this planet


What to do if you have this feeling?

What should you do if you feel the Earth is not your home? The truth is that there is no manual for this type of people, in addition the society tries to displace or ignore them. But those who suffer this sensation recommend using intuition and having good feelings to raise the vibration through the radiation of light and love. This is achieved by making others happy, such as helping friends in trouble, participating in charity, or simply being kind to people.

But we must remember that not all cases are the same, and each person with this feeling may have very different goals. There are also those with the unusual ability to get everything they want, and so also help third parties. Although the true power resides in unity, and when these beings unite their power is unlimited . And when this happens, you encounter a whole new world, different, but not without problems.

Are you a person who feels that the Earth is not your home? Do you feel like an alien on Earth? Share your experience, we are sure that others will be of great help.

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  1. Thank you for the article. I personally feel that earth is not my home. I often travel in my quite moment to my home. I have experienced many situations where I connect with people far, even people I personally never met. I am able to see problems and give warnings to those in danger. Yet I have been pushed to one side many times because I am not understood. I have knowledge of things that I never read or even heard about, and in my own mind I feel lost at times. My energy run through my whole body at times I feel my hands burning and when this happens more often than not I will encounter a stranger and I feel that they are suffering with some illness. But the normal person out there will not understand this, so I have to turn away and feel drained because I was not able to even just lay my hands on them. I know that I don’t belong here, yet I was sent for a higher purpose that I hope to find soon.

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