Strange lights in the sky after the earthquake of 8.2 in Mexico (Video)

A magnitude-8.2 earthquake struck Thursday on the southern coast of Mexico, reports the Mexican National Seismological Service. The epicenter of the earthquake was recorded in Tonalá, Chiapas state, at 11:49 pm local time. It is the strongest earthquake recorded in Mexico since 1985, according to Reuters estimates.(Mexico)

The epicenter of the quake was located at a depth of 33 kilometers and 119 kilometers from Tres Picos. So far, three replicates of magnitude 6.1, 5.8 and 5.7 have been registered southeast of the city of Salina Cruz, in Oaxaca. The US Geological Survey (USGS) has recorded four replicates of magnitude 5.2, 5.2, 5.4 and 5.7.

At least 15 people -2 in Tabasco, 3 in Chiapas, and 10 in Oaxaca-have lost their lives after the earthquake.(Mexico)

A tsunami alert has also been declared for Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras and Ecuador, reports the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC). The same center predicts “possible extensive and dangerous tsunami waves,” Sky News reports.

In social networks circulate videos in which it is appreciated how the Angel of the Independence, one of the main tourist attractions of the Mexico City, during the earthquake.(Mexico)

“People ran from their homes,” “no electricity,” or “very strong,” were among the first comments shared by witnesses to the quake, which lasted for about a minute.

Likewise, an unusual aerial phenomenon called earthquake lights has been recorded in the Mexican capital. This luminosity, which resembles the aurora borealis, appears in the immediate vicinity of the place where tectonic activity is recorded.

During the quake of magnitude 8.2 registered late this Thursday in the Mexican capital, there has been an air phenomenon called earthquake lights, which was observed off the coast of Chiapas.

This luminosity, which resembles the aurora borealis, appears in the vicinity of the place where tectonic activity is recorded and is an unusual meteorological phenomenon that is not fully explained.(Mexico)

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