Superfast Bigfoot Filmed In Russian Forest And What Do The Scientist Have To Say About It

The existence of Bigfoot has hardly been studied, and neither there is definite evidence of this giant creature walking the surface of the Earth.
Still, reports from scared eyewitnesses keep on piling from all around the world.
A video shot by the local residents of the southwest of Russia, near the city of Adygeisk, shows a superfast bigfoot.

In the video, you can see a dark figure moving very quickly as if trying to hide from people.
At first, the eyewitnesses thought of it to be a bear, however, gradually it became clear that it was something completely different.
The author of the video firmly believes that it was entirely a different creature that was around 8-9 feet tall.

“We thought it was a bear, but we saw that this creature was running on two legs. It moved very quickly”.

Author of the video for the Russian media.

“We were shocked by what we saw. This creature was huge, maybe 8-9 ft. Nobody would have believed us if we hadn’t filmed everything.

Author of the video for the Russian media

Scientists from the USA, assert that they have managed to solve the mystery of the origin of the Bigfoot and in their opinion the creature is a hybrid of a person and an unknown creature.

A team of researchers from the Texas DNA Laboratory has come up with interesting results saying that the strange creature can be attributed to primates.
The Researchers believe that the crossing of the species took place about 15 thousand years ago.

Upon examining the specimens found in different regions of the world including the saliva, blood, skin, and hair of the alleged bigfoot, the majority of the researchers believe that this creature could be a hybrid of a person and a certain creature unknown to science.

Teams of researchers from Russia examined the hair samples, presumably belonging to a Bigfoot, found in the Azasskaya cave in Kuzbass, and reached similar conclusions.
The analysis conducted by the Russian scientists stated that the hair found may belong to a primate, and not to humans.
According to scientists, the creature’s macromolecule differs from human DNA by no more than 1 percent, which may well speak of the reality of Bigfoot.

An Anthropologist Todd Disotell of New York University in New York City, who has conducted unpublished analyses of anomalous primate samples in the past says:

“There are very few reputable scientists who have ever been willing to go public on record as far as Bigfoot and yeti“.

“This study did it right, reducing contamination and following all the standard protocols.”

Todd Disotell

However, the major question is why we have not been able to come face to face with the Bigfoot, when there has been numerous eye witnesses report.
What is the reality of bigfoot?

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