The Mysterious Alien Abduction Of Police Officer Herbert Schirmer

Numerous UFO and alien encounters have been recorded and witnessed over the years by various professionals from all over the world like fighter pilots, commercial pilots, military personnel, former presidents, astronomers, astronauts, and police officers.
One such police officer is Herbert Schirmer.
Whether the story is true or not, that is for you to decide, but it is surely a fascinating one.

The incident took place on the cold night of December 3, 1967 and it was freezing at 2:20AM in Ashland Nebraska.

The Mysterious Alien Abduction Of  Police Officer Herbert Schirmer

Herbert Schirmer was a young, 22-year-old policeman on his usual rounds.
The streets, he was patrolling were vacant and all the local businesses were closed.
The police officer passed by the only open business this late at night, a gas station on Highway 6 and even at the gas station, there were no customers.

The police officer, then noticed something unusual at a distance which looked like glowing red lights flashing upon a truck.
The officer thought to himself that what could those lights be? An ambulance, a tow truck or what?

He drove down highway 63 until he came upon the scene with his headlights now flicked on to high beam.
He immediately realized that the emitted light was not coming from a truck at all.

The flashing red lights spotted by Herbert Schirmer were coming from oval-shaped portholes cut into what appeared to be a metallic, oval-shaped object that was hovering about eight feet above the road’s surface.
The strange oval-shaped object was generating a high pitched whine and a blue flame from underneath.

.The strange oval-shaped UFO then rose and zoomed off, leaving an open-mouthed Herbert Schirmer to stand and stare.
Interestingly, the officer was shocked to discover that even when almost half an hour had elapsed—it seemed like only 10 minutes.
Out of the blue, the officer began to feel sick and observed a red welt under his ear.

He peeped out of his vehicle’s window but observed that the strange oval-shaped object flew away swiftly.
He failed to observe that where did the object go.
Deciding not to call it in, but because of what he saw, he returned to the police station.

Within a few minutes, Herbert reached the police station to report the unusual event that he had witnessed.
He looked at the station clock to note the time.
It was 3AM and he was baffled that it took him, what he believed to be mere minutes to arrive back at the station, yet, all the clocks indicated time had passed.
The officer decided not to go back at work until the next day after what he had witnessed.

Months passed since the incident took place and words reached to the US Airforce that a UFO has been witnessed by a police officer and he was ready for testimony.
At that time, The Condon Commission at the University of Colorado, was tasked to investigate and mostly discredit UFO reports asked him to visit to Boulder Colorado to narrate about his UFO encounter.

Herbert was hypnotized there, and he could recall that aliens had emerged from the craft.
He was examined under hypnosis by psychologist Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle of the University of Wyoming on February 13, 1968.

Under hypnosis, it was reported by Herbert that he had witnessed a blurred white object that came out of what he had at first mistaken for a truck because of blinking red lights.
The white object somehow established a mental connection with him that prevented the officer from drawing his gun out.

Physically, the creatures were about five feet tall, had long, thin heads, slit-like eyes that never blinked, flat noses, and no lips.
Their source of power was a nearby power plant.
The creatures took Herbert to their ship and told him that the beings belonged to a nearby galaxy and had bases on Venus as well as on earth, off the coasts of Florida and Argentina.
The strange creatures were friendly in nature and only wanted to help humans, however, they would only reveal themselves when humanity will become more accepting towards extraterrestrial existence.
Herbert Schirmer was told by the leader to say nothing about what he had seen and that he would be contacted again twice.
When they left, Schirmer remembered nothing.

The Mysterious Alien Abduction Of  Police Officer Herbert Schirmer

The most interesting part is that Herbert reported the winged serpents depicted on the space suits of the creatures.
Intriguingly, in more than 2-3 other close encounters with the otherworldly creatures, the same symbol has been reported.
It is especially strange because a winged serpent is a familiar image in earthly mythology.

The commission concluded that:

“Evaluation of psychological assessment tests, the lack of any evidence, and interviews with the patrolman left project staff with no confidence that the trooper’s reported UFO experience was physically real.”

Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle thought Schirmer believed what he was saying and was not consciously inventing the story.
Upon returning as a police officer, he was badly trolled by the people of the town.
His patrol car was subsequently dynamited, its tires were slashed and also its windshield was broken.
To exacerbate his misfortune, his wife left him.

 “I would give somebody a traffic ticket and they would look at me and laugh, and tear up the ticket. What could I do?”.

Herbert Schirmer

All these misfortunate incidents later compelled him to quit his job.
However, he remained to stick to his story.
Two books “Gods, Demons, and Space Chariots” and “Gods and Devils from Outer Space” are to be written by Eric Norman based on his experience.

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